The Vertical analyst

“I’m told even if he left, he would do a one-year deal. Economically, it makes sense for him to do a one-year deal and then do the longer deal after it. It’ll be worth more money because the cap goes up next year. But Oklahoma City is a frontrunner. They’re a strong frontrunner.”
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MLB Network analyst

“They didn’t platoon these guys (and sit them against tough lefties). They let them play through their lumps, and now you’ve got three bonafide left-hand hitters that are a big part of the thing you’ve got going on out there. So I really like how they’ve gone about it, and Belt’s been right in the middle of their development.”
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RICHARD DENT – 6/29/16

“Mike (Ditka) would say things and you would hear it in the press. At least Buddy would confront you and let you know what he’s about to go do… When you’re coming in on some guy, tell me the truth, don’t bull-sh*t me. Just let me have it when I need to have it. And that’s Buddy.”
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JONAH KERI – 6/29/16
CBS Sports MLB writer

“Not to say that McCutchen doesn’t deserve to be paid for what he’s done. He does. But it’s looking like the Pirates, (who don’t) have a ton of money, (would be better served) building around Marte and Polanco – in which case, yes, it could potentially facilitate a trade. I just don’t think it’ll be now.”
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JOE BUCK – 6/30/16
FOX broadcaster

“The bad part about it is it’s driven everybody into Boring-ville. If you’re willing to step out of the middle lane and say something with opinion or humor or whatever, don’t even bother going on social media or you’re going to be scared right back into being a drip. I’m tired of worrying about what everybody thinks. I work for Fox. If they don’t like what I’m doing, that’s one thing. If Billy Joe 8-4-2 doesn’t like it, I really don’t care.”
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TOM VERDUCCI – 6/30/16
Sports Illustrated MLB writer

“Given the fact that now you’re talking three or four years here, the fact that you’re not seeing any growth whatsoever, makes me at least question what his ceiling is. Physically, it’s easy to see. You watch him sometimes with that arm in the outfield, the way he runs the bases, how far he can hit it. It’s great to see. You’re just not seeing it nearly often enough.”
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BRUCE MILLER – 6/30/16
49ers FB

“Just what they expect from us, they hold us to a high standard both on and off the field. That’s very similar. I guess the only real difference is their scheme and game plan and things like that. But as far as their coaching and what they expect from us, it’s been pretty similar.”
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BOBBY MARKS – 7/1/16
The Vertical analyst

“That’s going to be important as far as where you fill out your pieces. With this group right now – and I know it looks good on paper – but you better have a safety net based on where some of these players have been from an injury standpoint outside of Porzingis. Rose, possibly (Eric) Gordon, Melo, now you add Noah – who is that next line of reinforcements from your bench? That’ going to be the key with what New York does when the dust settles.”
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DALE MURPHY – 7/1/16
Braves legend

“It’s hard not to like Kris Bryant. It’s hard to not like some of these young Cubs players. I don’t think there’s any question about that. We’re seeing Kershaw do things that are just hard to imagine. I think there’s really some good, good young players. Of course, I think of Harper and Trout. Those are the guys that come to mind. I think this is the youngest that the best players have been in a long time, if not ever. The best players are just really, really young. It’s fun to watch them.”
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