The San Francisco 49ers are on their third head coach in as many seasons, and their personalities couldn’t be any more different. From Jim Harbaugh to Jim Tomsula to Chip Kelly, San Francisco has undergone quite the psychological makeover in recent years.

Or have they?

“They are a little bit different, but I would say the dynamic there is a little bit the same,” 49ers fullback Bruce Miller said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “Just what they expect from us, they hold us to a high standard both on and off the field. That’s very similar. I guess the only real difference is their scheme and game plan and things like that. But as far as their coaching and what they expect from us, it’s been pretty similar.”

Miller said that he and his teammates are “absolutely” buying into Kelly and his style.

“Just from the offseason and the spring, the way things went, I think guys are definitely buying in,” Miller said. “I think we have a great competitive offseason program, and I think all around the locker room guys have bought in and they’re really trying to do the things that have been asked of them.”

For as fun and as free-spirited as Kelly’s system is, though, the 52-year-old doesn’t seem as lighthearted on the sidelines or with the media.

Miller, however, insists that he is.

“He might not show it as much, but just working with him through the offseason, there’s some energy, there’s some enthusiasm there,” Miller said. “We just had a lot of fun with what he brought and what he’s doing with our offense. We were having a blast with that. So there’s some fun there. I think that’ll show a little bit more as we get going, but I think that’s just his personality to be a little bit more reserved.”

It’ll be interesting to see how Kelly’s system fares in San Francisco. It’ll also be interesting to see which quarterback runs it.

Asked who will be the guy this year – Colin Kaepernick or Blaine Gabbert – Miller said he’s “not really sure.” Asked which quarterback he prefers, Miller wouldn’t bite.

“We prefer them both,” he said. “They’ve done a good job for us. I can’t tell you I would prefer one over the other. Both are really good friends of mine and have done a really good job for us. I wish the best for both of them.”

Miller did say that Kaepernick – despite his reputation – is “absolutely” respected in the 49ers locker room.

“I’ve always had a great working relationship with Kap,” Miller said. “(We’re) great friends off the field, and I’ve never got that perception from him. His personality is another one that’s been a little bit more reserved. We understand that and recognize that, but as long as he’s doing what he has to do to lead our football team, then everybody’s okay with that.”


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