AUSTIN CARR – 6/20/16
Cavs TV analyst

“He came back, he delivered. It took him two years to do it. It’s just amazing. The parade is going to be Wednesday, and there’s no telling what’s going to happen. Last night, they had to shut down all these streets coming into downtown. There were just (so) many people.”
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JAMAL MURRAY – 6/21/16
Nuggets guard

“I felt like I was ready to play at Kentucky and I was advanced enough skill-wise. Going to the league is the same thing. You just got to get stronger, quicker – all the aspects of being more of an athlete. But I’ll do fine.”
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UFC bantamweight champion

“You can’t vote on anything if you’re looking at two people I don’t care about. I don’t like Hillary or Trump. So how the heck am I going to choose something that I have really no say in? Literally, it’s like which evil do I want more? I don’t want either. They’re both crap.”
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CBS Sports college basketball insider

“I think what we learned is that if there’s a sleeper right now in terms of the lottery, the sleeper is Domantas Sabonis. I’ve called him for two years the epitome of efficiency. When he was a freshman at Gonzaga, he had seven games where he was perfect form the field. That’s Christian-Laettener-against-Duke stuff – seven times.”
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PAT WILLIAMS – 6/24/16
Magic VP

“We won 10 more games (this year) than the year before, which was nice progress, and I think with this move, we can play with most of the teams in East now. We’ve really strengthened our front line. Our fans have been wonderful, but it’s time to step it up a notch, and this move last night, I think, is going to make us a much more competitive ball club.”
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Heat guard

“He kind of just gives us players and the coaching staff space to figure things out. We got a couple lectures or talking to’s throughout the season, but other than that, he pretty much gives us players and the coaching staff space to figure it out and do what we do.”
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