RICK BARRY – 6/13/16

“Without him, do you think these teams would have been in the Finals the last six years? Absolutely not. Absolutely not. So because they don’t win, you put it on him? That’s ridiculous. Nobody wins it by themselves. I just don’t understand why people want to do that. LeBron is the best three to play in the game ever.”
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UFC light heavyweight champion

“As much as I don’t like the guy, he’s a great fighter. But there are some things in Jon that allows you to feel confident going into the rematch. One is that he can’t punch. At the end of the day, you got to be able to punch to stop somebody from chasing you. He can kick very hard, he can knee very hard and he throws good elbows, but he can’t punch.”
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NHL on NBC analyst

“They’ve got three players at the forward position that eat up almost $26 million of almost a $72 million cap. That’s pretty large for three players to eat up that much. It’s going to be really interesting to see how they manufacture and maneuver through it all.”
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Former NBA forward

“They’ve got to win one game. They’re still ahead in this series. Of course one of those games will be in Oakland if it comes down to that. They failed the last time, but I think they’ll bounce back. And with Draymond Green back, you bet they have a very good chance to win in Cleveland – but they’re going to have to play their best to get it done.”
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JAY GLAZER – 6/15/16
FOX Sports NFL insider

“The rest of the crew kind of did rally around him a little bit. It’s not about throwing a deep ball. It’s just about not screwing it up for everybody else sometimes at that position. If the defense is playing well and you get the running game going, you just need somebody to kind of make sure that you keep their sticks moving and not screw it up all the time – and he really did a great job with that.”
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BILL REITER – 6/16/16
CBS Sports NBA writer

“I don’t think Kevin Love has it in him. Not anymore. As long as (the Warriors) can play some defense, I think that gives (them) a chance because it’s Kevin Love who would have to be the difference-maker.”
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Golf Channel analyst

“But then when you get to the green, boy, you’e got so many slopes and undulations on the green that, even having a five-footer, you could have two or three feet of break on what you would think would be a short putt for par, birdie or bogey. So you’re challenged at every turn on this golf course, but it’s fair and it’s fun. That’s really the most determining factor to me with a golf course. Is it difficult? Yes. But is it fair? I would say Oakmont’s as fair as they come.”
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Texans defensive tackle

“You have to get better by the second at this level because if you stay the same, you lose. You fail. That’s one thing that we preach. We cannot think 9-7 is good enough. It’s not about what anybody else is doing. It’s about how good can we play together? I don’t care about individual stats. Can we put a 53-man roster together and come together each Sunday and play at the highest level? That’s what it’s going to take.”
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