Boxing legend

“It made me laugh. When somebody has a love for you even after that, from 1980 to the day (he died), it meant a lot. The man was my friend. Ali liked me, Ali wanted me to learn – and I learned from him and I liked him. I don’t care what they say. You can’t take (our feelings away from each other). . . . He was my friend. He was a friend, not only a guy that I boxed. It was a great pleasure just to be around him.”
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MARK PRICE – 6/6/16
Former Cavs All-Star guard

“Although there’s adjustments that are being made all the time, I think if you get too far away from who you are as a team and the way you play, then I think you’re just chasing rabbits a little bit, trying to make adjustments to every little thing Golden State does. I think Cleveland’s got to come in and play and do the things that help them be successful: play through LeBron, spread the floor, put shooters out there and let LeBron do this thing.”
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MLB Hall of Famer

“The players do watch their home runs a little bit more than they used to. There’s a lot more demonstration and showmanship on the field than there used to be when we played. We actually didn’t want to show anybody up. We actually (felt like), ‘Well, I’m sorry I hit that home run.’ We’d sprint around the bases and get in the dugout. You didn’t want to make it any harder than it already was. In (football), they try to kill you every play so it doesn’t matter. It’s not going to get any worse. If they hate you in our sport, it gets harder.”
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Former NFL CB

“In his best interests, he needs to do right by himself. I told him this in a text a couple of days ago: He’s got a lot more to do and he can’t continue to let these incidents keep holding his life and career down. Hopefully it’s another learning lesson for 2-5, as I know him when he was back here in Tampa.”
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UFC reporter

“I didn’t want to see that happen again. I just told him that I really appreciate everything he has done for me because Dana has really done a lot for my career and he has really given me a lot of time. I hold no ill-will toward him or Lorenzo or anyone at the UFC. I shook his hand and I said, ‘I hope that you will reconsider this, but if you want me out, I will leave.’”
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Ravens tackle

“We know now that cannabis isn’t this horrible drug that we’ve been told for decades. We have multiple generations that have been fed propaganda and never got the opportunity to understand the science behind cannabis, which has been around forever. People have been using it medically for a very long time. Now that states are legalizing medical use of it and doctors are able to do observational studies and also, more recently, clinical trials as well . . . this is really significant science. This medicine is helping people across our country.”
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Former NBA All-Star and current Raptors assistant head coach

“Bismack Biyombo, who was unbelievable for us in the playoffs this year, hopefully he hasn’t created too big of a market for himself. We’re a collective unit. As good as our guards have been, they’re really good because of the pieces around them. Our top eight guys have contributed in a number of ways all season long to help us get to where we are, so we want to try to keep everybody intact.”
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CHRIS PETERS – 6/10/16
CBS Sports Eye on Hockey analyst

“We saw a couple deflection goals and obviously we saw the Sharks come out and have their best start of the series, coming out and scoring and getting their first lead of the entire series. It took them until Game 5 to have a lead and they didn’t hold it for very long because they ended up blowing that in 22 seconds. I think what we saw there are two teams with high-powered offenses, which we already knew coming into the series, and the Sharks finally got it together.”
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“This bypasses that blockage of sugar reaching the brain. The brain wilts during a concussion. This Ketone Ester bypasses that and fuels the brain immediately after a concussion and helps the brain keep from – or reduce – the concussion outcome.”
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