Dr. Richard Veech and Frank Llosa dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Friday to discuss Ketone Ester, a drink that may reduce or mitigate the effects of brain trauma.

“When you get trauma to the head, the brain quits making its main energy source, which is ATP, and it starts putting out heat,” Veech explained on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “So the brain essentially goes into a low-energy state, and when that happens, all sorts of ions get flooded into the brain. This can be prevented in a couple of ways.”

Ketone Ester may be one of those ways.

“So the immediate problem is the brain can no longer process glucose – sugar,” Llosa said. “This bypasses that blockage of sugar reaching the brain. The brain wilts during a concussion. This Ketone Ester bypasses that and fuels the brain immediately after a concussion and helps the brain keep from – or reduce – the concussion outcome.”

Veech said that Ketone Ester lessens the effects of concussions and that people who use it could return to normal activity faster than those who don’t.

“A concussion is a low-energy state, and if you gave (a person) ketones and pumped the energy back up, then the pore would close and the ion dislocation wouldn’t occur,” Veech said. “You would essentially abort the concussion.”

Why, then, isn’t Ketone Ester used in the United States?

“So right now, if you were to buy the drink for scientific purposes, it would be about $50,000 per drink,” Llosa said. “That’s if you calculate what they give to mice for studies. They sell it in tiny milliliters – $1,500 per milliliter. But Dr. Veech invested a process that would get it down to $20 to $50 per drink, and once it’s made by the truckloads, a dollar or two a drink. But all of this costs money, so that’s one of the bottle necks.”

Veech said that Ketone Ester could help people with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and CTE, which almost sounds too good to be true.

“There’s a lot of noise out there,” Llosa said. “Six hundred new sports drinks come on the market every year, so for someone to believe this and take the deep dive to actually do the research is a huge undertaking. . . . If people just read the actual scientific papers on ketones – and this is not to be confused with the raspberry ketones. This is completely unrelated to that, so the world hasn’t really seen a Ketone Ester and what it can do. There’s one case study with a human with Alzheimer’s, and one can read that case study and see how it affected that person’s Alzheimer’s. They were able to finally know the days of the week, recognize their kids. So it has been proven in humans and also in mice. All the mice tests have come true in humans.”

Llosa said Ketone Ester needs funding.

“The NFL is too scared of liability,” he said. “It’s not as easy as just (calling up) the NFL. It doesn’t work that way. So we have to do the proper channels, the proper steps.”


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