NBA TV analyst

“Obviously that’s always possible. LeBron and Wade and Bosh kind of showed us (what can happen). Nobody saw that coming six months in advance. (But) unless that happens, I say he stays.”
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TONY DUNGY – 6/1/16
Super Bowl winning head coach

“And when I went to work for him as an assistant coach, he reiterated that: Your job is to help your players be the best they can be on the field and off the field as players and people. He believed that and he taught us that. So when I became a head coach, that was my mantra as well. ‘Hey, I’m here to help you be the best football player you can be, but if that’s all I do, I’m not really doing my job. I’ve got to help you be part of the community, help you be someone who’s going to be successful long after football.’”
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Former Lions WR

“I think they have addressed some needs in the draft. They’ve got an offensive lineman that they needed, (A’Shawn) Robinson on the defensive side, they got (Taylor) Decker on the offensive side. They have picked up a wide receiver (Marvin Jones) to try and replace Calvin Johnson. You’re not going to replace his statistics. You’re not going to replace the fear factor that a guy like Calvin Johnson brings to the table, but you now have the ability to have a quarterback that says, ‘I have to figure out a way to spread the ball.’ He can’t have that one favorite guy, but he’s going to have to be consistent spreading the football around.”
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KEN BERGER – 6/2/16
CBS Sports NBA insider

“He’s been a spark plug for them. He’s been a defensive ace for them, able to guard multiple positions. He knocks down threes, he gets them going in transition, and then all of a sudden he runs into the Oklahoma City Thunder and he forgets how to play basketball. He did play a little better as the series evolved, but the thing that interests me about him is he is now entering the Finals on the very edge of suspension. The Cavaliers know that, too.”
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JIM PALMER – 6/2/16
MLB HOF pitcher

“You can talk about mechanics. Rick said, ‘Well, your hands have to be a certain way.’ At the end of the day, location, movement and velocity (are what matter). I would say that Major League Baseball gets a little enamored with the radar gun. I’ve seen a lot of 95-, 96-mile-per-hour fast balls crushed this year because they’re in the middle of the plate. They don’t have movement. Whey you try to throw harder, you usually don’t. In coaching, probably the best way to coach is to try to get a player to do what the coach wants him to do but make him think it’s his idea.”
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CSN Bay Area Warriors play-by-play voice

“That’s the point. This was an opportunity game for Cleveland. They had taken the lead in the third quarter and then a blow to the boys led to a blowout. Once Iguodala got hit in the nether regions, the Warriors went on a 25-8 run. You don’t want to make the Warriors mad. When they tend to get a little angry, then tend to play really well.”
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