JIM BREUER – 5/23/16

“It doesn’t look like late-night snacking (on) nachos. It looks like something else is going on there. He’s a little thick. I get a little thick whenever I have a little (alcohol). I’m not making accusations, but maybe he should talk to CC (Sabathia). I don’t know. Who knows?”
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Clippers guard

“I’m in the minority. When guys hit a certain age, they just slow down. But if you look at my numbers, they’re better than they were 10 years ago when I was playing with the Knicks, which is crazy.”
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STIPE MIOCIC – 5/24/16
UFC heavyweight champion

“I like to stay close to home. I’m right outside of Cleveland. I saw Manziel once at a baseball game. I’ve seen a couple guys. I’m actually real good friends with (Indians catcher) Yan Gomes. We have dinner. He’s an awesome guy, amazing man. But no, I don’t see too many guys out. I’m not really a downtown guy.”
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SEKOU SMITH – 5/25/16
NBA insider

“It was a guy asking LeBron, basically making a statement, about how great of a player you are and how do you assess the way you’re playing right now. What does that have to do with anything? I thought the questions were a little weird, and LeBron has kind of a reflex. When they ask him about himself, he’s quick to point out all of his virtues. Yeah, it’s a strange thing to hear after you’ve lost a second straight game to Toronto after dominating them in the first two games, but I don’t find a whole lot of fault in how LeBron has played. I agree with everybody else who says Kevin Love has to actually make an appearance again in this series.”
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Former Giants GM

“You never really know, but I’ve been lucky enough. I came into the league with Johnny Unitas, so I saw the best at close range, and I learned early that, listen, all the measurables are important, but there’s got to be something inside of them. They have (to have) that great knack of (lifting) a team (and leading in the clutch). I thought Eli had that.”
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CAL RIPKEN JR. – 5/26/16

“Home-run guy, hits in the middle of the lineup, drives in runs, and his defense and his rocket arm is wonderful to watch. So I love the fact that the young players are being celebrated. My advice (to the young players) would be don’t suppress your personality. You are who you are. Go show that.”
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RON DARLING – 5/27/16
Former Mets pitcher

“I’ve never played on a team like that that just really wanted to go out and (dominate you). If they could beat you 15-0, that’s where they were trying to start from. So you had to get on board. Once you got on that train, it took you all different places.”
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J.J. JOE – 5/27/16
Baylor radio analyst

“I would never say never because he’s a fantastic football coach, and I’m sure that in due time, he’ll come out and make statements and move on. But I would also say this: Coach Briles, he’s done this for a while. He’s (60 years old). If he walks away, I wouldn’t be surprised. He loves football, so I’m not going to say he’s (definitely done). But if he walked away, I wouldn’t be surprised.”
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