HOWARD BECK – 5/9/16
Bleacher Report NBA writer

“They called him day-to-day, which is the lamest injury reporting line that anybody can possibly give. You always know more than just day-to-day. It’s very rare that you don’t know whether he’s available beyond that, especially when it’s a serious injury. A sprained knee is not a small thing. That’s what Curry has, and as we know, he’s been out for a couple weeks already. I feel like they’re both withholding quite a bit, but I think it’s reasonable to think that whoever advances is probably without their starting center when they start against the Cavaliers. Then it’s a question of do they come back at some point during the conference finals?”
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JOE ROGAN – 5/10/16
UFC lead voice

“I think Floyd Mayweather is one of the greatest – if not the greatest – boxers of all time. I think Conor has no business being in a boxing ring with him and I think Floyd would probably embarrass him. If it went to an MMA fight, I think Floyd Mayweather has no business being in a UFC cage with Conor McGregor and Conor would embarrass him. I think they would both embarrass each other in their respective sports. I don’t think the fight is ever going to happen, and I think it’s a bunch of nonsense and a bunch of hype. I think that’s all it is.”
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MARK SPITZ – 5/10/16
Olympics swimming legend

“Well, the pools were there and things just happened. Somehow the Greeks made it happen. Now, are the Brazilians going to make it happen? I think so. I don’t think that their Brazilian government is hosting the games. They’re having some issues with trying to impeach their president (Dilma Rousseff) and a bunch of other stuff like that. I think that will actually fall by the wayside and the opening ceremonies will go off without a hitch. I’m hoping that the rest of the program will as well.”
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JOE MONTANA – 5/11/16

“If he doesn’t want to be there, you certainly don’t want that in your locker room. The person you want and need to talk to, especially offensively, is the quarterback. When things go wrong on the line, you have to (communicate) with the receivers, and if no one can trust you, it’s hard for anybody to step up and even try to regain that again.”
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CJ NITKOWSKI – 5/12/16
MLB insider

“Everything that went on, how great of a player he was and of course everything with the Marathon bombings and how he has led a city in the past and the great personality – without a doubt he will be revered in that town forever. I will say nationally in baseball, though, there may be – I don’t want to say negativity, but there will always be that look at him and kind of being reminded of what happened with the PEDs. We’ll find out soon enough, but I think it’s probably unfortunately going to affect his Hall of Fame chances.”
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