ROB RANG – 5/2/16
CBS Sports draft expert

“You still see the big arm. You still see the 6-4, 230-pound frame. You still see the willingness to take a hit, the toughness – all of those things. You just didn’t see the progression as a passer. He still has a tendency to throw off of his back foot, to (show) where he’s going to throw the ball because he stares down his wide receiver. We just thought we would see a natural progression of skills by the end of his third season being a starter, and instead, we saw essentially a stagnation of those skills.”
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KERRI STRUG – 5/3/16
1996 Olympics gold medalist

“But I think those times of having to perform the vault when I was tired or when something was hurting enabled me to, in that dire situation, say, ‘Okay, I’m injured, but I got to do this.’ So you just kind of go on automatic pilot. And for all those times that I really disliked my coach, Bela Karolyi, for pushing me past that point I thought I could go, believe me, now I’m so thankful and I have a totally different perspective.”
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KEN BERGER – 5/3/15 NBA writer

“They’re so talented, and they’re a much better offensive team this year under Billy Donovan than they were under Scotty Brooks. There’s no question (that) when you have Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, you are going to be in a lot of games. But when you’re in the postseason and you’re playing a team like San Antonio, you can’t just be good and talented; you have to be smart. That was a big mistake there. To not be able to get a clean inbounds in a situation like that – you just wonder about Oklahoma City. We understand it’s the playoffs, it’s a pressure situation. But the good teams, the championship-contending teams, they make the right and the smart play and the best decision more often than not – and I don’t see Oklahoma City in that category right now.”
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Former Warriors great

“I say they’re right there. Obviously very different styles. LeBron is 6-8 and dominant physically and plays 1 through 5 basically for the most part. Steph does it his own special way, and I think (he’s) groundbreaking because the experts in the past said you don’t win from the outside-in – and the Warriors (won) 73 games. You can’t argue that.”
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Former Yankees OF

“It’s sort of like a story within the story. To be able to play professional sports, to be able to play baseball with the Yankees, was great. But just being a part of that rivalry was like the icing on the cake in many ways.”
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ROD WOODSON – 5/5/16
NFL HOFer and Raiders assistant

“We get paid to coach, the players get paid to play and perform on game days. If we stay here, that’d be great. If we move to Vegas, that’d be great. If we move to L.A. or San Diego, that’d be great. It really wouldn’t matter if we’re coaching in Oakland or we’re coaching in a parking lot in the middle of the desert. We’re still going go out there and coach, and our players would still go out there and try to play their best football.”
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BOB BAFFERT – 5/6/16
Hall of Fame trainer

“Secretariat never reproduced himself, so it is a crapshoot if they’ll do it or not. But hopefully he’ll keep it going. We’re still on the Pharoah tour. We’re still living the dream. We went and saw him the other day. He looked terrific. He’s still the sweet, kind horse that he’s always been. He hasn’t changed at all.”
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