It’s a foregone conclusion that the Philadelphia Eagles will draft a quarterback with the second overall pick in Thursday’s NFL Draft, especially after trading a haul of picks to Cleveland to move up from No. 8 to No. 2.

Tiki Barber, however, doesn’t believe the Eagles will necessarily draft a quarterback, nor does he think they should.

“What if it’s all smoke and mirrors?” Barber said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney, referring to the Eagles trading up to No. 2. “What if they don’t (draft a quarterback)? What if they trade out of this deal? What if, more interestingly, they believe there’s other guys who are actually more likely to be the superstar? What if they moved up to get the first freshman to start at DB at Florida State since Deion Sanders and who balled in Jalen Ramsey? What if they moved up to get the kid who’s guaranteed to be a superstar shutdown corner in a division with Odell Beckham and Dez Bryant and DeSean Jackson? What if that is the case? What if it’s not about getting that quarterback at No. 2? What if it’s about getting that star cornerback at No. 2 or trading out of it and making a splash? What if the Philadelphia Eagles are playing us all for fools?”

Barber thinks Carson Wentz is a solid prospect, but he comes with a lot of question marks. Ramsey doesn’t have those question marks, and he plays a position the Eagles desperately need.

“On the surface it sounds nutty,” Tierney said. “It seems like you really thought it through, so I’m not just going to toss it aside. You would imagine that if they did scoot up to 2 (to) 100 percent take a quarterback, they would have at least spoken to Carson Wentz since they made the trade, right? You would think so. I guess they haven’t even reached out to Carson Wentz.”

Barber also finds that odd.

“You don’t draft a quarterback without talking to him,” he said.

“My only question,” Tierney said, “would be if you were so motivated to move up to No. 2 to get Ramsey, why not just let the Browns stay at 2 because you know, or you think, they would have taken Wentz?”

Tierney paused.

“Well, maybe Ramsey wouldn’t have been there anyway,” he said on second thought.

“You’re right, Barber said. “Better to have certainty. Better to have leverage.”

“I’ll tell you,” Tierney said. “If Howie Roseman did this to draft a corner/safety and it doesn’t work out, Howie Roseman is going to be the bucket boy for the Sixers – because he ain’t going to be working for the Eagles anymore. He gave up a lot.”


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