After rolling his right ankle in the second quarter of Game 1 against the Houston Rockets on Saturday, Steph Curry may or may not play in Game 2 on Monday.

Odds are Curry will give it a go, but should he? After all, the Warriors beat the Rockets, 104-78, in Game 1. Should Steve Kerr rest his star player and let him come back completely healthy for Game 3?

Bobby Marks is inclined to say yes.

“Well, the only concern there is there is a history with the ankle injuries, going back to his rookie contract,” the former NBA executive and current front office insider for The Vertical said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “That’s a big reason he has such a manageable contract – because of the ankle issues and everything. I would see (how he feels during the) shoot-around, and if there’s any inclination that it’s going to be something that could hurt him in the long run, even if it’s tonight, I would sit him out. I think that home crowd and how that roster is built (is enough against Houston). I’m not a huge fan of the Rockets. I think they’re an undisciplined team. I think what we saw in the regular season carried over. I think even without Curry on the court, I think they have enough with (Draymond) Green and (Klay) Thompson. You could put Shaun Livingston at the point guard, you’ve got (Andrew) Bogut and (Andre) Iguodala – there’s enough complementary pieces there.”

In other NBA news, Jimmy Butler has reportedly rubbed some teammates the wrong way in Chicago – so much so that the Bulls may consider trading the ultra-talented 26-year-old.

“His bread and butter has been his hard work,” Marks said. “To have him chirp a little bit this year was surprising. When you go from a Tom Thibodeau-coached team to a coach like Fred Hoiberg who’s a little more lenient, a little more lax, has a different style – it is hard for players to adjust. Butler’s got a lot of value. The one thing I would be concerned is that wear and tear on him and how he finished up the season. If I’m a guy who wants to go out and look for a Jimmy Butler-type player, I better do my homework on him. His contract, although it’s a max, it’s still something manageable. He is 26, he’s got four more years on there. I don’t think you need to move him (unless you want a) shift of personalities and players in that locker room. You’ve got (Pau) Gasol, (who is) a free agent, you’ve got (Joakim) Noah, (who is) a free agent, and (Derrick) Rose is in his last year. It depends on if Chicago wants to hit the reset button.”

Sticking in the East, Marks believes that the Knicks need to hire the best possible candidate to be their head coach – as opposed to the best possible branch of the Phil Jackson coaching tree.

“I think you do have to take the blinders off when you open this coaching search,” Marks said. “I’m fine if (they feel) Kurt Rambis is the best candidate out there and they’ve gone through a thorough search and they’ve interviewed a bunch of coaching candidates and he kind of stands out. If that’s the direction Phil Jackson wants to go, then good for him. But to kind of put the blinders on and have a narrow search, which it looks like they’re doing here, I just don’t see it as the right direction for where they are. They did make some progress from the year before, but the window is kind of closing right now if they want to go the route of keeping Carmelo there. . . . Whoever they (hire), it’s got to be somebody who’s going to be there with some stability. They can’t go through this process (again) a year from now. It’s just setting that organization back.”


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