Matthew Perry phoned into CBS Sports Radio from London on Wednesday to discuss numerous topics, including his sitcom, The Odd Couple, and his dislike for Donald Trump.

We’ll get to Trump later, but first, The Odd Couple, which is entering its second season.

“I’m having a lot of fun,” Perry said on Tiki and Tierney. “We were very fortunate to get a second season and we used it well. The second season’s way better than the first season. I would say our worst episode this year is better than our best episode last year. The writing just sort of gelled and the cast gelled together and we told more interesting stories and it’s been really fun. We have some really interesting guests that are coming on.”

That includes Teri Hatcher, who plays Perry’s love interest.

“She was beautiful and fun and terrific,” said Perry, who plays Oscar Madison. “She did about four or five episodes.”

The Odd Couple, of course, is a remake of the iconic sitcom that made millions of people laugh in the 1970s. Remaking a sitcom that debuted 40+ years ago wasn’t easy.

“Well, the trick was to modernize it,” Perry said, “to sort of keep the elements of the old show, which was the dynamic between Felix and Oscar, and modernize it and put it in 2016 and tell stories about two single men who are trying to date in 2016. We add a sports ticker to the apartment and some flat-screen TVs and we made him an internet sports radio host instead of a sportswriter.”

Perry, who is moonlighting as a London playwright, is also preparing for his upcoming role as Ted Kennedy in The Kennedys After Camelot. He called it his “most challenging role to date.”

Perry, 46, is a political enthusiast but hasn’t paid much attention to the 2016 presidential race thus far.

“It’s been tough to pay attention from London,” he said. “I’ve been sort of immersed in the play and living my life in sort of Groundhog Day (mode) here in London, so I haven’t been able to really follow it. I know that I’m scared at the idea of Donald Trump and hoping that Hillary Clinton wins. I might use my Canadian citizenship if Donald Trump wins.”


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