With news emanating out of Denver that the Broncos have talked to free agent quarterback Johnny Manziel about a potential fit with their franchise, Tiki and Tierney discussed their differing views on the polarizing player.

Tiki is of the opinion that the Broncos shouldn’t go anywhere near him. Why bother? There are other similarly talented options to be had with a scintilla of the baggage.

“He spent a lot of time developing who he was going to be,” said Tiki. “We all saw sometimes he was consistent, not spectacular. He wasn’t Johnny Manziel from college, now you can get that from a lot of guys, BT. Not necessarily the excitement that Johnny brings in reversing field and throwing against his body hitting Travis Benjamin. … There’s some tantalizing things that he does, but, the headache. How is it worth it?”

Tierney was more willing to hand out a another chance to the former first round draft pick.

“I’m not saying it’s perfect, but I’m saying in a league– Tiki, there’s a good chance that the second overall pick in the draft is a guy who three months ago we never heard of,” said Tierney. “Why? Because he plays quarterback. All I know is I watched Johnny play on multiple Saturdays do things that I’ve really never seen anybody do, honestly.”

Tiki understands why the prospect of bringing him along may be interesting because of his days at Texas A&M, but those days haven’t been replicated in the NFL, where he’s been a below average quarterback.

“Of course there’s intrigue because of what he did in college, but what he did in college hasn’t translated,” said Tiki.

As far as signing him right now, both are in agreement that that’s not likely. But Tierney sees no reason why they shouldn’t have the discussion.

“I’m not saying he’s going to be a star, I’m saying if it’s me, I’m going to have to have the conversation,” said Tierney. “I am, I want to see where he’s at.”

Tiki just doesn’t buy his skills in the league. If he were to sign a contract, the Broncos would likely riddle it with behavioral clauses that includes mandatory counseling and a bodyguard.

“He’s an average guy right now,” said Tiki. “Could he explode and be a superstar? Yeah, but I don’t think he’s going to make it that far in the National Football League. I think any team that gives him a shot and has to put ‘you got to go to counseling, you have to have a bodyguard,’ why is that worth it?”

Some will partially blame Manziel’s problems on being young and immature, but Tiki doesn’t think that should be the case for a quarterback.

“Matt Ryan, when he came into the league, he was young, he wasn’t immature, he was looking for advice,” said Tiki. “He understood it’s a privilege to play. It’s not a right, it’s a privilege to play the game. Johnny thinks it’s his right to have this opportunity. If people keep giving it to him he’s never going to learn.”


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