CBS Sports college hoops insider

“Virginia was about as un-Virginia-like when you really look at the situation down the stretch. They had a 15-point lead with nine minutes to play, and then, for all intents and purposes after that, you look at the way Virginia played down the stretch. They were so un-Virginia-like. They were showing a total lack of composure, they didn’t seem confident, they didn’t really . . . (have) a great sense of belief.”
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MATT DOHERTY – 3/29/16
Former UNC head coach

“I thought they were a little soft. I was concerned that the interior toughness wasn’t there, but I think that team really grew and shows a lot of toughness. I think Brice Johnson has really stepped up his toughness this year and the backcourt has been terrific. And now with (Marcus) Paige kind of getting back to his old form, they’re playing the highest level they’ve played in a long time. So if one guy doesn’t have a good game, there’s certainly some (other) guys that can easily step up and contribute with 15 to 20 points.”
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CBS Sports basketball analyst

“It’s must-see TV anytime Buddy Buckets is playing. I’ve watched that guy all year long. He’s captivated me with his scoring ability. I think he should be the hands-down National Player of the Year with what he’s done, scoring 46 points at Phog Allen. And then Villanova, they were the No. 1 team in the country and no gave them any credit. That team flat out is well-coached, they play hard on the defensive end of the floor, they play like a team and they got guys that can shoot the basketball.”
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UNC Tar Heels analyst

“They’re familiar with what they do and what they do well. So I don’t know that there’s a lot of new teaching. I think there’s certainly refining. I think there’s also certainly the little nuances that you’re going to try to throw at each other to try and keep you off set. We saw Syracuse not just sit in their 2-3, but also go into a little bit of a half-court trap (against Virginia), trying to just move pace. Even though they’re not a team that necessarily wants to run with Carolina, they are a team that certainly wants to keep Carolina at bay.”
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White Sox manager

“So going into it, we were counting on him to do certain things. I think once you don’t have him, it changes then to now our DH is probably going to be more of rotating position. We’ve got a few outfielders we can fill that void with, but yeah, he was brought in to do a certain thing that we felt like we needed. You have to adjust once he’s not there.”
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ROMAN REIGNS – 3/31/16
WWE wrestler

“I’m not good the good guy, I’m not the bad guy – I’m THE guy. I’m the back-to-back main event of WrestleMania, so right now, I’m THE guy.”
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TAZ – 3/31/16
Former WWE champion

“I’ve been very critical of the WWE – not Roman, but the WWE (for the) way they’ve been promoting him as the quote-unquote ‘good guy’ because they’re painting him in a very bad spot. Hence, why people are booing him and he’s the good guy. It’s the truth.”
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Former NFL QB

“I didn’t like the way things kind of ended for him in Washington. What second pick in the draft do you know that’s still on the team and didn’t dress but one game in the season? I just didn’t like how the new GM (Scot McCloughan) and Jay Gruden handled this whole situation. . . . I just thought for RG3 this is a new kind of arrival for him. I like what he’s going to do in Cleveland. It’s going to take some time. I just think that the fans and the media don’t really have patience with RG3.”
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SHAKA SMART – 4/1/16
Texas head coach

“There’s going to be a lot of people that eat their words. They won’t, but they will owe him an apology because he’s a phenomenal coach. He’s doing a great job with that program. It takes time to build your culture. No matter who you follow or what the situation is, it takes time to instill what you want to do.”
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BO RYAN – 4/1/16
Former Wisconsin head coach

“But no, it’s an experience. When you’ve done it for 43 years where every day was accounted for – and now you wake up in the morning, relax, do the crossword puzzle, have a cup of coffee, (it’s nice). But boy, when Friday, Saturday and Sunday comes around, it’s tough.”
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