CBS Sports college basketball insider

“It’s unbelievable the things that we saw. It might have been the best opening weekend that we’ve ever seen in NCAA Tournament history.”
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Former NBA All Star

“Over the last couple years, you see what Virginia has done. They’ve transformed the program and Malcolm Brogdon has been right in the middle. You can’t bother him. He’s steady. He can shoot the three, he can drive to the basket. Some people say he’s a little bit slow of foot. He’s smart, he knows how to play defense, he knows the game situation. I have not seen a player like that in years at the college level that is that sharp of a player.”
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Turner Sports host

“It’s been an incredible fight. You’re encouraged in one moment when you see him come back on the air, and it’s very tough. I know the Real Sports folks came by my house the other day to talk to me about what Craig has been through and it’s just very tough.”
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JAY WRIGHT – 3/23/16
Villanova head coach

“And then I was just thrilled for our seniors. We have five seniors – three walk-ons and two leaders in Daniel Ochefu and Ryan Arcidiacono. I was thrilled for those seniors that they could get to a Sweet 16 in their senior year.”
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CHIP HALE – 3/24/16
Diamondbacks manager

“He prepares and worries about the right things. A lot of people, we get focused on the result and he doesn’t. His preparation is impeccable, the way he goes about it, the way he leads in the clubhouse, it’s just the perfect guy to have as a manager.”
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RANDY GORDON – 3/24/16
Former NYAA commissioner

“They took out the 12-to-6 elbow, they took out the soccer-style kick to the head and they made it really, less of a street fight.”
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Brewers GM

“We were able to get things going in the right direction and turn things around at a pretty good clip. Certainly last year not a lot was expected of the Astros coming into the season and they surprised a lot of people.”
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GEORGE BRETT – 3/25/16
Royals legend

“That’s where the old school isn’t old school anymore. I think it’s a new school game of baseball, that’s why there’s so much showmanship going on because they know there’s going to be no retaliation.”
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