Not surprisingly, Kansas City Royals legend George Brett doesn’t agree with Bryce Harper’s comments about new school, exciting baseball. He sides with Goose Gossage.

On Tiki And Tierney, Brett added his own scathing denigration of everything associated with new school baseball, that includes celebrations. Even though”bat flip” is a now painfully tired phrase, Brett shared his opinion on it.

“I’m old school, I’m an old school player,” said Brett. “I’d like to see someone do that with Bob Gibson pitching. I’d love to see someone bat flip against Nolan Ryan. … If I was a pitcher I wouldn’t appreciate it at all.”

Brett continues to say that the substantial rules prohibiting any sort of altercation is what’s fostered this new blend of the game. There’s no fear factor. If someone gets suspended, they lose games. When you lose games, you lose game checks.

“Let’s say you’re making $20 million a year and they take 14 out of 162 days away from your paycheck, that’s a lot of money,” said Brett. “That’s where the old school isn’t old school anymore. I think it’s a new school game of baseball, that’s why there’s so much showmanship going on because they know there’s going to be no retaliation.”

The former Royal laughed about his playoff game against the New York Yankees when he got in a full fledged fight at third base, yet he didn’t even get ejected from that game, let alone suspended.

Transitioning into the new school, where current Royal Alex Gordon plays, it was in doubt that he would return to Kansas City this offseason. Brett said there were mixed messages hitting the airwaves, but it culminated with Gordon returning to the club.


“Well,  I read in the Kansas City paper one day that negotiations weren’t going well and his agent came out and said there’s no way he’s going to sign with the Royals,” said Brett. “When I saw Alex down here [in Arizona for spring training] and saw an interview that he did, he said that he was never leaving the Royals.”



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