CBS Sports college basketball insider

“When you look at Cal’s best five players in terms of overall talent – Ty Wallace, Ivan Rabb, Jaylen Brown, Jordan Matthews and Jabari Bird – that always necessarily wasn’t their best team on the floor at the same time.”
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DAN DUQUETTE – 3/14/16
Orioles GM

“He had two dynamite years with the team – ’15 and ’13. He’s a prolific power hitter. The fans like to see him hit and he’s done some really good work for the Orioles, so we’re happy he came back. The Oriole ownership made a long-term commitment to him and Chris made a long-term commitment to the Orioles, and we’re looking forward to having him anchoring our infield. He’s a really good kid. He’s got some great values and a good work ethic. It’s good for the club to have that stability in the lineup and also he’s very, very popular with our fans.”
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JAY BILAS – 3/15/16
ESPN college basketball analyst

“It’s ridiculous how talented (Ingram) is. He reminds you a little of Kevin Durant. He doesn’t score quite like that, but he can score.”
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Former Baylor center

“It’s just that Coach Bill Self, he’s so great down the stretch. He gets his team to really push away in the closing minutes of the game. They know how to close out games. I think that’s what really put them ahead of all the Big 12 teams. They didn’t fold under adversity. But I would definitely say Kansas is one of my top teams.”
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JIM CALHOUN – 3/16/16
Former Uconn head coach

“Any type of pressure that’s felt, Kevin (handles it). His relationship with his players is terrific. I think sometimes the X’s and O’s are great, but (relationships matter). It’s got to be a tight, tight relationship between the coach and player and they’ve got to believe. Everybody has to believe.”
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Pirates manager

“That’s a whole different dynamic. When your starters aren’t getting into games on the back side – through five, into six, into seven – you’re going tax your bullpen. We were fortunate last year. We had a nice combination of both. Starters gave us quality innings, and our bullpen pitched outstanding innings.”
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CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“We all know that Carolina can score. Some nights the effort on defense isn’t there. Some nights it is and they look phenomenal. That has to be consistent throughout the tournament. And also they have to find a way to hit thee-point shots. They have one of the better front courts in the nation. Brice Johnson, Isaiah Hicks, Kennedy Meeks, Justin Jackson – these guys are getting it done up front. But they were the worst three-point shooting team in the ACC – and that’s saying a lot seeing as (how) Boston College plays in the ACC and they didn’t even win a (conference) game. So they have to find a way. Marcus Paige has to find the ghost of Marcus Paige, what he used to be, and hit some shots. Or it has to be Joel Barry, maybe Theo Pinson or Nate Britt. But they have to mix in a couple of threes to go with their low-post game.”
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Cardinals GM

“(There’s) a very positive vibe going on. Candidly, I think these guys actually look at it as they have something to prove because a lot of people feel like we did lose a couple players and we’re an aging team. The boys downstairs don’t agree with that. We feel like we’ve got a pretty strong youth movement coming in our outfield, and we feel like all the other pieces that we have in place are there to win.”
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CBS Sports college basketball insider

“The key in this game is going to be two things. When you really split the atom, Yale has an advantage because Yale has a pure point guard in Makai Mason, who only had two turnovers in 39 minutes (against Baylor).”
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