JED LOWRIE – 3/7/16
Athletics second baseman

“There’s a lot of young pitching that’s talented. We’re looking forward to them performing well. We’ve got a little bit of a revamped bullpen. That always helps. When you get those leads late in games, you want to be able to win those. To be able to hold those leads is really important.”
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CATO JUNE – 3/7/16
Former NFL LB

“If you have the opportunity to go out on top, (you take it). It’s funny because you say (you want to play one more year). You’ll always say that. You’ll be 65 years old talking about I can take one rep. As a football player, you have this gladiator mentality. The end is imminent. It’s going to happen, but it’s not easy for anyone. No matter what point that you call the end, I don’t think that it’s an easy decision to make, even though it might be the right decision. It’s just going to be tough. It’s going to be tough. You can’t sit here as a former player and say (that) it’s an easy decision to make.”
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JIM BREUER – 3/8/16

“Yes, this is the first year it’s officially gone. Now, check back after the first week. That’s the way Mets fans are. But I will say, not since 1986, for me as a Mets fan, have I ever felt (this comfortable). It’s just gone. You forget we have the four horsemen – (Jacob) deGrom, (Matt) Harvey, (Noah) Syndergaard, Steven (Matz) – with a fifth one galloping in the distance with (Zack) Wheeler. You have Bartolo Colon, who’s amazing all the way up until the All-Star break. You have a great bullpen.”
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KEVIN OLLIE – 3/8/16
UConn head coach

“I love my job. I love being at Storrs. I’m UConn-made. I’m not self-made. I’m UConn-made. They made me the man I am today. I love the people around here. I’m excited about our 2016 freshman class. I’m not looking to go anywhere anytime soon, but like I say, I’ll always do what’s best for my family, always do what’s best for this university or for myself. I think right now God has me right where he wants me at and that’s at the University of Connecticut.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“Because they’re signing them. Because they’re keeping them. They’re prioritizing those guys because they fit the culture, they fit the scheme, they fit the locker room. Everything is homogenous. And by the time they let them walk, they’re pretty much used up. The Packers, the Ravens, the Steelers, the Patriots – there’s a method to their madness. Yeah, if you’re the Broncos and you’re (in the) conference title game and the Super Bowl and you go out and basically sign (DeMarcus) Ware, (Aqib) Talib and T.J. Ward to what amounted to two-year contracts for all of them, I get that. That’s smart. But I just don’t think you can buy your way out of the abyss in this league. You can help yourself a little bit, but I’m a skeptic when it comes to NFL free agency, and this is not a very good class.”
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STEVE BUSBY – 3/9/16
Texas Rangers TV announcer

“The second most difficult thing is winning it again, backing it up. No longer is a Ranger ball club going to sneak up on people. (Jeff) Bannister is going to have to manage hopefully a healthy group of guys, but he sure has a lot to work with this year.”
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MIESHA TATE – 3/10/16
UFC bantamweight champion

“I knew I was running out of time. It’s hard when you’re in there to know for sure if you won or lost rounds. I was really confident I won Round 2, but I know 1 and 3 were close. I believed she had won Round 4, but I figured we got to go on the side of caution. She probably edged me out, and we have to assume she won that round.”
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JON JONES – 3/11/16
UFC fighter

“With time, people will come around. The people that I’ve lost will come around. All I have to do is continue to do the right things, continue to develop and make positive life changes, continue giving back and trying to help others and continue winning. At the end of the day, everything will take care of itself.”
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