CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“This team has really had to alter things with their offense, especially with London Perrantes taking on an offensive role right now, but I don’t think there’s any question Virginia would be the team to beat if it had Justin Anderson.”
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TERRY STOTTS – 2/23/16
Trail Blazers head coach

“We played a very good pace. Our offense really was clicking for most of the game, and defensively, I thought it was one of our better games as far as maintaining a focus. Golden State is such a tough team to guard because they keep moving the ball, everyone’s a threat, they’re very unselfish and they’re going to score. But even after they scored, we didn’t lose our focus defensively. We forced some turnovers in the third quarter. I think they had 13 in the third quarter, which was a byproduct of some of their decisions, but also I thought our defense had something to do with it as well. We kept our composure.”
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TONY BENNETT – 2/24/16
Virginia head coach

“It might not. I think we’re in a spot where, if we play our best and play well, we have a chance to be successful in all those games. But there’s also the reality of you could be beat by all three of those teams. That’s why we always say, ‘We know we can do this, but will we?’ That’s the question you always have to answer as a competitor going into it, and it’s certainly going to show any areas that you got to improve (before) postseason play because of the quality of this schedule.”
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9-time NHL All-Star

“Even today knowing what I know, I would (still) run around like a kamikaze, throwing my body everywhere and take the concussions. But I wouldn’t go back and play the way that I did when I got the concussions. I would play back-to-back games after getting knocked out.”
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BOB HUGGINS – 2/25/16
West Virginia head coach

“Those are the most wonderful people in the world. People get a little carried away, I think, at sporting events when really there’s no need to. I mean, you ought to have fun. I mean, that’s what it’s really about – is having fun. But to me, the court and field has always been for the players.”
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NFL legend

“I think it’s a black eye for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and everybody that’s associated with it because that’s not what the Hall of Fame is about.”
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Miami head coach

“We might have gotten beat in the first round if we had been playing, let’s say, Louisville, who likes to press all the time. We got beat the week before by VCU, who was pressing like crazy. VCU was not supposed to make the tournament and they made it to the Final Four (in 2011) and it was because of their press and turning people over, yet they lost to Butler in the semifinals because Butler just doesn’t turn the ball over. Butler lost to UConn (in the national championship) because of their tremendous guard play. Every team is so different. So I think match-ups and who really has the ability to get to the Final Four and win it all, is 20, 25, 30 teams.”
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