SCOT POLLARD – 2/16/16
Former NBA center

“Kobe didn’t have that effect on his teammates. Kobe needed Batman to his Superman. He needed another superhero to help him win. That’s the part about him that I don’t respect.”
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SEKOU SMITH – 2/17/16 columnist

“Houston is desperate to change the chemistry in that locker room and on that team, and if they’re going to do it, they need to find a way to get Dwight Howard out of there because he’s clearly a guy that has his eye elsewhere. He can opt out of his contract at the end of this season, and if he’s not committed to being a Houston Rocket and playing on that team and helping them win, Houston has to move him.”
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Super Bowl champion QB

“Where are you as a football team? You can’t franchise him again. So now all of a sudden, there’s still going to be quite a few teams out that are going to be looking for a quarterback – a fifth-year guy who has another year of experience. I think it costs you more in a year than what it would if you signed a deal somewhere between $80-100 million.”
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DENNY HAMLIN – 2/19/16
NASCAR driver

“We went on vacation together. We all took a cruise out in the Mediterranean. That’s the toughest part about having disagreement with someone that you like on and off the race track. It’s really hard to argue like a gentleman, and you have to when you’re arguing with Danica. If it was a guy competitor, of course those exchanges would probably be a little bit different. You go to respect her one way or another.”
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