The Green Bay Packers started 6-0 this season and had the look of a team that could get back to the NFC Championship and, potentially, the Super Bowl.

Instead, the Packers lost six of their last 10 games – and it would have been seven of 10, if not for a miraculous Hail Mary from Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay still won a playoff game and pushed Arizona to the brink in the divisional playoffs, but the season ended in disappointment, as the Packers went 5-7 in their final 12 games overall.

“It was very frustrating,” Packers wideout Randall Cobb said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “I wish I could tell you (what the problem was). I never felt like we were able to put a finger on exactly what it was. We made so many different changes, we tried different things and nothing seemed to work. And really, it’s kind of astonishing when you look back on it and you reflect on the season. The only thing that I can think of is we didn’t make the plays. We had opportunities and we didn’t make the plays. I don’t know if I was putting more pressure on myself or if we felt like we had to do different things because of different situations but we never got things rolling like we have in the past.”

Cobb finished with 79 catches for 829 yards and six touchdowns. Those are solid numbers. Cobb, however, set the bar fairly high in 2014 (91 catches for 1,287 yards and 12 touchdowns).

It it possible that Cobb, with Jordy Nelson sidelined, simply had to do too much? After all, Cobb was the slot man, the deep man and the possession man all rolled into it.

“It wasn’t that it was hard,” Cobb said. “I feel like I was that way in college. The thing was, I was seeing things I hadn’t seen before, different coverages. If I had any breaking route, I was getting cut by the safety. If I had any outside route, the nickel would play so hard outside that it would make it difficult to run my outside route. So it was very tough to see. It was frustrating for me personally, but for the most part, the reason it was frustrating was because we were losing. I felt like, ‘What more can I do? What am I not doing?’ It was difficult.”

Still, the Packers almost beat Arizona less than three weeks after getting trounced by the Cardinals, 38-8. Rodgers did everything he could in the rematch, accounting for 96 yards on two throws to force overtime.

Rodgers is calm, cool and collected when things are going well. As it turns out, he’s the same way when things are going poorly.

“He’s the same guy,” Cobb said. “He gets frustrated – who doesn’t? – but it’s all within. It all comes from within. I think his fire comes from within and he holds his self to a high standard and he holds the people around him to high standard. so when things aren’t going right, he’ll reach out to me, he’ll say something to me, but it’s never in a negative way. He’s all about encouragement. It’s very constructive. That’s one of the things that I love about him. He holds us all to that level. And when we’re not playing at that level or practicing at that level, he lets us know.”


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