KEN CARMAN – 1/25/16
Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan host

“Unless you get a third team involved, I don’t know a team that’s going to take on that salary, and I don’t know if you’re going go get a commensurate player back. So you’re basically stuck with what you have. And J.R. can be night and day, but that’s part of what they have.”
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FRANK GARCIA – 1/25/16
Former Panthers offensive lineman

“You just can’t account for him. Everything breaks down and he runs quarterback draw or lead or power and just runs over the top of you. He can throw a touch pass 50 yards down the field. He just has it all night now. He’s playing with great confidence. He’s grown. He’s matured. This team isn’t going anywhere for a long time.”
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KONY EALY – 1/26/16
Panthers defensive end

“It’s about accountability, that man next to you knowing that you’re going to do your job at the end of the day and you’re getting it done. So it’s really been the key for us – not just individual talent (but) doing your job. If it means break on a ball before the ball gets there, that’s what it means. If it means running downhill filing the gaps before the ball gets there, that’s what it means. If it means the defensive line getting pressure with the front four and everybody else needing to drop, then that’s what we need to do. So it’s just about doing your job, and that’s really what’s carried us this far.”
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CLARK JUDGE – 1/26/16
NFL Talk of Fame analyst

“This has everything to do with does the team want to keep him? Listen, Lawrence Taylor wasn’t the greatest guy in the world. The Giants wanted him and couldn’t live without him. Andy Reid said, ‘I’m a better team without this guy.’ When (Owens) went to Dallas, Bill Parcells didn’t even show up at the press conference. He made it clear, ‘I’m not in favor of this guy,’ and when he was there, he never called him by his name.”
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TROY AIKMAN – 1/27/16
NFL on FOX analyst

“He doesn’t have to play right away. Tony Romo is a great quarterback. He just needs to be healthy. But if you can establish yourself for another 10 to 15 years following Romo’s tenure, I don’t know how you can pass on that. But if they’d decide to, I believe that either Johnny Manziel or RG3 will be in a Cowboys uniform next year.”
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Former NFL LB

“I would take Russell Wilson over Andrew Luck, just because of their ability to run the football. It’s such a hard thing to defend when you’re getting ready for a guy. Your pass rushers got to slow down, and Cam throws the ball great now as well. They got him in good situations, so I would take Cam. He’s tough to defend.”
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PETER KING – 1/28/16
NFL analyst and MMQB guru

“Of course he could. (But) why do you want to do that? Look, if he wants to do that, more power to him. I never, ever, ever like to tell guys when to retire. But I just don’t think he thinks it’s worth it anymore.”
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NFL Network analyst

“It’s all about how the team reacts to the personality of the quarterback. I think it’s the same with Cam Newton. Can that wear a team out at times? I think that’s possible. I think Ray Lewis, as brilliant a leader as I’ve ever been around and as natural a leader as I’ve ever been around, I think sometimes Ray’s approach and his passion for the game sometimes wore thin on some players, but that’s true of any personality. There’s a lot of different ways to lead, and right now, his team’s got a pretty good run going, so who am I – or anybody else – to argue that this doesn’t work for them?”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“My only inclination is (they) were leaked from somebody at the league with an agenda or otherwise. When you start hearing stuff as games are still being played, as the playoffs are still going on, I think the claws were out. Certainly we didn’t hear the league coming out and saying, ‘Oh, no, that’s not right.’ You didn’t have the league making a whole lot of statements trying to keep things on the rails, and so the whole thing got off the rails. I think it’s also the Patriots because of Spygate and the specter of their past. You don’t really get the benefit of the doubt. Peyton’s always been looked at as incredibly squeaky clean.”
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