Raiders owner Mark Davis, it seems, is interested in moving his team to Las Vegas.

Not Los Angeles. Las Vegas.

He might have better luck with the moon or Mars.

“He’s not going anywhere,” CBS Sports NFL analyst Jason La Canfora said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “He has zero leverage. He’s going to do a one- or two-year lease in the craphole that he’s in, and at some point he’ll realize the best way to aid that franchise would be to put all of his energy into getting a partner with him who can help him build in the Bay Area. They want two teams in the Bay Area. They don’t want a team in San Antonio, they don’t want a team in San Diego, and their stance on Las Vegas is pretty unequivocal. So he’s going to get 23 other votes to go to Vegas, (and the league is going to say), ‘Okay, here’s your relocation fee: $3 billion. Have fun, Mark.’ It’s kind of silly, really.”

La Canfora said the NFL would prefer the Raiders to stay in Oakland.

“They don’t always get what they want,” he said, “but they certainly control this process. Does he want to file an anti-trust suit? Does he want to try to take them to federal curt and get tied up in all the stuff his dad did that often didn’t work? I just don’t see it happening. Look, I think the league’s stance on Vegas is out of date and a little bit silly, but I’m not one of the 32 people that have a say in it – and they’ve never wavered. Look how much money they’ve spent fighting the little prop bets and teasers in Jersey and Delaware. They’ve spent millions and millions of dollars on lobbyists to come in and try to crush that, and they’re going to let Mark Davis move to Vegas? (It’s not going to happen).”

In other news, Peyton Manning continues to deny Al Jazeera allegations that he used HGH. That’s all well and good, but Brandon Tierney has noticed a stark contrast between the media’s handling of Tom Brady during DeflateGate and the media’s handling of Manning during the Al Jazeera allegations. Specifically, it seemed that media were turning over every rock and exhausting every avenue with Brady, but that hasn’t been the case with Manning. Instead, Manning is asked a few questions about it, denies the allegations, and reporters move on.

Why the discrepancy?

“Well, I think a lot of the way Brady was pursued was from some of the erroneous stories that got out there,” La Canfora said. “My only inclination is (they) were leaked from somebody at the league with an agenda or otherwise. When you start hearing stuff as games are still being played, as the playoffs are still going on, I think the claws were out. Certainly we didn’t hear the league coming out and saying, ‘Oh, no, that’s not right.’ You didn’t have the league making a whole lot of statements trying to keep things on the rails, and so the whole thing got off the rails. I think it’s also the Patriots because of Spygate and the specter of their past. You don’t really get the benefit of the doubt. Peyton’s always been looked at as incredibly squeaky clean.”

There’s another reason that deflated balls carry more weight, no pun intended, than HGH: people care a lot more about cheating than drug use in the NFL.

“I just don’t think people care,” La Canfora said. “Do you think people really care about HGH in the NFL? They care in baseball because it skewed a historical prism to a point where you could no longer look at the game the same way. Guys have been using steroids in the NFL since the ’70s. We don’t want to know how the sausage is made in the NFL. We expect these guys to be super heroes. You want your baseball players to kind of look somewhat normal. When they started looking like super heroes, people got freaked out. We expect super heroes in football. We expect people to do supernatural things every Sunday. We expect them to put their body through rigors. But you don’t want to know about Monday to Saturday in the NFL. You want to enjoy Sunday.”


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