WILL BRINSON – 1/18/16
CBS Sports NFL writer

“Go find a guy who’s just going to be your two-minute drill guy. These coaching staffs are 40 guys deep in some places. Why not have a guy who is specifically designated to jump in and start calling plays in the two-minute drill when you know that it’s something that you’re not great at. I guess admitting that is difficult or would be tough and kind of embarrassing, but it can’t be any more embarrassing than taking (more than five) minutes to run a two-minute drill. Andy Reid’s disastrous clock management is a January tradition unlike any other.”
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SHAUN KING – 1/18/16
Yahoo! Sports NFL analyst
“Belichick is a defensive guy. He didn’t coach any of the offenses that New England has had. Every offensive coordinator that’s left New England that people consider great has completely bombed as a head coach.”
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JORDY NELSON – 1/19/16
Packers WR

“I’m not going to sit here and critique his body and what he’s doing. That’s a personal thing. We all know your body is your job. If you can’t perform, you’re not going to have a job. (His weight is) probably not ideal, but it’s something for him to take focus on and get under control.”
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BART SCOTT – 1/19/16
NFL on CBS analyst

“He’s the MVP. I think he really should be the face of the NFL just like J.J. Watt is the face of the NFL. You look at what J.J. Watt does in his interactions with kids and fans before the game. I think Cam Newton, what he does post-celebration for touchdowns – and making sure all his teammates give those balls away – should be celebrated.”
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JORDAN GROSS – 1/21/16
Panthers sideline reporter

“I think that Cam cares about his teammates, he cares about winning, and he honestly isn’t concerned with scrutiny from the outside. And when your quarterback goes and he takes down a Green Bay Packers sign and says, ‘We got to protect our house,’ or he takes down a ‘12th Man’ sign and he knows he might get fined for it or catch some scrutiny, internally that motivates his teammates and his coaches. That gives them more pride in their house. That gives them a whole sense of defending what is ours. Cam, he’s doing it, man. He’s not hurting anybody, and it does a lot to motivate his team.”
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NFL Network analyst

“When you think about it, they got to get people back in those seats, No. 1. They built this gorgeous Taj Mahal stadium. It’s beautiful. And people were disgruntled with the direction of the team losing six first-round players. Six were gone last year all at once. It was a mass exodus with players and coaches. Jim Tomsula was really put in a tough spot. So anyway, they needed to get some kind of high-profile guy. Well, Chip Kelly is a Pac-12 guy. He’s a high-profile guy.”
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CHRIS SIMMS – 1/22/16
Bleacher Report NFL analyst

“They’re going to have to force sack-fumbles, short fields, interception returns – because if it just goes up and down the field, there’s no way they can keep pace with the Patriots. I don’t think it’ll be a blowout, but I do think there’s a possibility. If New England goes down the first drive, scores a touchdown, Denver goes three-and-out and New England gets another touchdown, then you’re going to force Denver to play a game they’re not comfortable playing. Peyton Manning (is) certainly not capable of dropping back and throwing 45 to 50 times. Then I think that could become a blowout AFC Championship Game.”
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