Cam Newton is once again in the controversy crosshairs, this after an angry Seahawks fan, Sarah, ripped the Carolina quarterback for his “classless” behavior following the Panthers’ 31-24 win over Seattle this past Sunday. Newton grabbed a “12th man” flag and threw it on the ground in celebration.

Sarah was offended.

At this point, the question must be asked: Why is Newton constantly being barraged by angry fans about his behavior? Is it just because of the exuberance with which he conducts himself, or is this racially motivated?

“It’s not because of exuberance with which he plays the position,” NFL on CBS analyst Bart Scott said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “I hear Psycho Tom – here’s Bart again talking about Tom Brady – but Psycho Tom gets celebrated. Discount Double Check pelvis thrust gets a commerical. Travis Kelce gets celebrated for doing Nae Nae. Now here he’s coming, a guy that I think should be put on a pedestal. What about (the kids who receive touchdown balls from Cam)? Why (don’t people) write a letter about that? About how awesome that was? Or about the Halloween party where he dressed up as Superman for ill kids? Of course it’s racist – because we have other colorful personalities that are celebrated.”

Brandon Tierney, however, disagrees. He does not think Sarah’s letter was racially motivated. Rather, he thinks Newton’s attitude simply rubs some people the wrong way.

“It’s racist, man,” Scott said. “You can call it fandom, people of other teams that go to the extremes, but come on. (The color of his skin) plays a role in it as well. I didn’t hear any of the opposing teams’ fans ever writing letters because of what Aaron Rodgers does or what Travis Kelce does. I’ve never heard it once. I’ve never even heard it referenced.”

Scott feels that Newton should be praised, not criticized.

“I think he should be celebrated for his season, how he’s taken his team and put them on his back, a team that none of us (predicted would be) in this position,” Scott said. “He’s the MVP. I think he really should be the face of the NFL just like J.J. Watt is the face of the NFL. You look at what J.J. Watt does in his interactions with kids and fans before the game. I think Cam Newton, what he does post-celebration for touchdowns – and making sure all his teammates give those balls away – should be celebrated.”


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