With his team trailing by two scores with less than seven minutes to go in Saturday’s AFC divisional playoff game, Andy Reid, one would think, would have had his offense pick up the pace a bit.
He didn’t.
The Chiefs scored a touchdown to pull within 27-20 of the Patriots, but the 16-play, 80-yard drive ate up more than five minutes of game clock. An onside kick, with just over a minute remaining, was Kansas City’s only option.
New England recovered. Game over.
How is Andy Reid – who has coached in numerous conference championship games, and a Super Bowl, and been in the NFL for more than two decades – still clueless when it comes to clock management?
“I think it’s wild,” CBS Sports NFL writer Will Brinson said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “Is his resting heart rate 12? How is he operating at such a slower pace than everyone? I get that you want to be cool and be calm, but you see this running clock with a buck-40 (to go) and you’re trailing in a game that either lets your season live on or ends your season, and you got your team huddling up inside the red zone, you’re taking five minutes to do a two-minute drive – it’s wild.”
Brinson has a simple solution for Reid and other clock-management-challenged coaches: have an assistant call plays during the two-minute drill.
“I don’t understand why coaches aren’t more proactive about going out and finding guys (to do that),” Brinson said. “Go find a guy who’s just going to be your two-minute drill guy. These coaching staffs are 40 guys deep in some places. Why not have a guy who is specifically designated to jump in and start calling plays in the two-minute drill when you know that it’s something that you’re not great at. I guess admitting that is difficult or would be tough and kind of embarrassing, but it can’t be any more embarrassing than taking (more than five) minutes to run a two-minute drill. Andy Reid’s disastrous clock management is a January tradition unlike any other.”

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