TOMMY BOWDEN – 1/11/16
Former Clemson head coach 

“There’s that old saying that a lot of schools want to be in the SEC on Saturday but they want to be in Harvard and Yale Monday through Friday. The administration has got to understand the facilities arms race. Clemson has jumped in that full fledged. In the nine years I was there, we were in preparation of moving to a $50 million facility upgrade, and they’ve improved since then. So I think it’s a commitment from the administration.”
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NFL Network analyst

“Cam Newton’s a different guy running the read-option than Griffin because Griffin isn’t nearly as big and he’s not as durable,” Casserly said. “He has as much throwing talent as Cam Newton. Cam Newton probably is more accurate. But Cam Newton has a lot of simple throws in that offense. One read and get it out there. So I think it’s the system he goes in, and then you have to look at the durability. So I don’t think you can sign him and say you’ve got a solution to your problem. I say you sign him and then you keep trying to find a solution. Then you go to camp and see how it works out.”
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Steelers WR

“They’re a great team – a great defense, great offense. So it’s going to be a good game. We just got to play our game and do our part and not try to do too much.  We just got to practice hard during the week and just go out and execute and play hard in the game, just have fun and play the game of football. If you do that, then everything else will take care of itself.”
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LA Daily News columnist

“If he doesn’t, that opportunity is never going to be there again. It will automatically go to the Raiders, and he will have lost that spot and still face uncertainty in San Diego. It’ll be interesting the next couple of days because it’s going to happen relatively quick to decide whether they’re going to take them up on the offer or not.”
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“They know about the athlete, this big hero. And so for me, it was about tapping into his humanity. I got to hang out with his daughters, who are lovely. They’re in their 70s and 80s, but they’re like the sweetest women. They taught me a lot about their father, just about the humanitarian he was – just a good, kind-hearted individual who treated people like how he wanted to be treated. He was always supportive of his family and did whatever he had to do to make sure he could support them. So I tried to attack it from that angle.”
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TOM FLORES – 1/14/16
Former Raiders head coach

“We went down there and my stint there was successful. There was a strike the first year. We actually ended up staying in Oakland and practicing in Oakland and flying down to L.A. for our home games in 1982, but we were in the playoffs. We won our division. We only lost one regular-season game. And then in ’83 we won the Super Bowl. So we were the big guys in town for quite awhile when I was there, and then they moved back.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“(The NFL wants) two teams in the Bay Area. Somehow he missed the overriding thing that everybody else got here, which was they want two teams in L.A. and two teams in the Bay Area. And if he’s not wiling to do it, they’ll squeeze him and squeeze him and squeeze him and squeeze him until does. He’s not going anywhere. San Antonio? Are you kidding me? ‘Hey, Mark, here’s your relocation fee: a billion dollars. Good luck.’”
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TONY BOSELLI – 1/15/16
Westwood One NFL analyst

“It’s an offensive line that’s had 22 different starting combinations. They’ve got guys all over the place that are really young on the interior, and they’ve struggled as of late protecting Tom Brady, who was sacked the third-most times in his career this year. If you can’t protect Tom – listen, the Giants won a Super Bowl by knocking Tom around a couple times. That, with the combination of Edelman coming back off the foot injury, it’ll be interesting to see how he is in and out of cuts. He’s a guy who’s a start-stop receiver underneath out of the slot. If Gronkowski is limited, it’s going to be really difficult for the Patriots to move the ball against the Chiefs, who are really good defensively.”
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