Just when you thought the NFL-relocation saga couldn’t get any more dramatic, the Raiders are reportedly considering a move from Oakland to San Antonio.

Not Los Angeles or San Diego, but San Antonio.

Yes, billionaire and former Vikings owner Red McCombs is reportedly trying to convince Mark Davis to move the team to San Antonio, where Davis owns land and could build a stadium.

Are there real possibilities that the Raiders could move to San Antonio?

“In Mark Davis’ fantasy land, there are,” CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “Now I will try to apply logic to this because when it comes to the issues of money in the NFL, it’s pretty easy to see where things go. So Stan Kroenke is the second-richest guy in the league. He bought this land on his own, he can finance this land on his own, and he can put $1.1 billion in escrow for a while to wait and see how this unfolds – and he had to jump through hoops for years and sweat it out to the very end and pay a massive relocation fee and get the Chargers hitched to his wagon even though he could go by himself. And only then does he get to LA. Where the hell does Mark Davis think he’s going?

“If this process proved anything,” La Canfora continued, “it’s that (the NFL headquarters at) 345 Park Avenue controls it. It doesn’t even matter if you can do it on your own, which Mark Davis can’t. ‘You’re not going until we say you’re going and at what price and at what point – and oh, by the way, you got to take this guy with you.’ So how is he going to San Antonio?”

Indeed, La Canfora believes that relocating to San Antonio is nothing but a pipe dream.

“They’re going to the Bay Area, or (Davis is) going to sell the team to somebody who will,” La Canfora said. “(The NFL wants) two teams in the Bay Area. Somehow he missed the overriding thing that everybody else got here, which was they want two teams in L.A. and two teams in the Bay Area. And if he’s not wiling to do it, they’ll squeeze him and squeeze him and squeeze him and squeeze him until does. He’s not going anywhere. San Antonio? Are you kidding me? ‘Hey, Mark, here’s your relocation fee: a billion dollars. Good luck.’”


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