The Oakland Raiders are making progress. After going 11-37 from 2012 to 2014, the Raiders went 7-9 this past season. They have an exciting, young, talented roster with Derek Carr, Amari Cooper and others.

But the question remains: Where will this team continue to progress? Will the Raiders stay in Oakland, or will they join the Rams in Los Angeles? Or move somewhere else altogether?

“Well, right now, the Raiders are the third man out in the rotation, the move,” former Raiders head coach and Super Bowl champion Tom Flores said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “So they’re going to be playing in Oakland this coming season, and from there, I don’t know. I think they’re really working hard, I think the ownership is working very hard, at trying to keep the team in Oakland. They have made that statement over and over that they would like to stay in Oakland, but they’re not getting much help from the city of Oakland because the city of Oakland doesn’t have any funds. Somewhere along the way, they’ve got to come up with some money and be very creative. I think they might be able to get it done if they could find the money to get it done. Personally, they belong in Oakland because that’s where they started and that’s where I started in 1960.”

Flores won two Super Bowls as a head coach – one with Oakland in Super Bowl XV and another with Los Angeles in Super Bowl XVIII. Thus, he knows what it’s like to coach in both places.

His biggest piece of advice for the Rams and whoever else moves to Los Angeles?

“They better win,” Flores said, chuckling. “We went down there and my stint there was successful. There was a strike the first year. We actually ended up staying in Oakland and practicing in Oakland and flying down to L.A. for our home games in 1982, but we were in the playoffs. We won our division. We only lost one regular-season game. And then in ’83 we won the Super Bowl. So we were the big guys in town for quite awhile when I was there, and then they moved back.

“But it’s an interesting city,” Flories continued. “They like winners. I’m not so sure they’ll put up with anybody that doesn’t. They’re not like some of the other teams.”


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