JASON COLE – 1/4/16
Bleacher Report NFL insider

“That always worries me in this situation because that was his biggest problem in working with Jim Harbaugh. There was this competition about who was actually getting credit for what. Baalke wants more credit.”
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Bears safety

“As players, we weren’t missing a beat. Our practice-squad players weren’t missing a beat. I was amazed how everyone was out there 15 minutes before practice. We were ready to go. We were locked and loaded and I think coach saw that. He saw that in us. The way we practiced, it was the fastest we moved all year long, and it translated to the game. I think that’s my greatest moment and memory as a Giant – the preparation that week.”
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BILL WALTON – 1/5/16

“To have both is great. But if you’re going to have one, always choose talent. Luke was very fortunate in his life to have four incredibly special coaches along the way.”
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Legendary sportswriter

“There is no stain on Junior. He was one of the most popular players in the America public. He ended up in cartoons, in movies. He was more than just an athlete. He became a part of America culture. The game was a lot better for the years he put in and gave us.”
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KEN GRIFFEY SR. – 1/7/16
Former MLB player

“You can say that, but all the injuries, you look at all the things he went through – to me, he did the best he could and he was just being himself, playing the game as hard as he could. That’s what you look at. But yeah, 20/20 hindsight, yeah, I can say he would probably have pretty close to 900 home runs.”
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DAN FOUTS – 1/7/16
CBS NFL broadcaster

“I think Kubiak sensed the team needed a jump, and they got it from Manning against the Chargers. So going forward it’s all about winning and giving yourself the best chance to win. I think the Broncos feel comfortable now with Osweiler coming off the bench. If they need that, bring him off the bench. This is not a situation that’s normal for Manning, obviously, but he did play fairly well against the Chargers, and he got the W, which is the most important thing.”
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Rams offensive lineman

“It’s really big to see how they’re going to fare against Seattle, but maybe losing like that to Seattle was good for them. I expect them to come out with a lot of fire; I expect that to be a huge game. What’s really scary is if Seattle ends up winning that game, I’m afraid that they might get on a roll. Even though they’re going to be going to a different team each week, I still think they’re the most dangerous team we have in the Wild Card.”
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WARREN MOON – 1/8/16

“So that’s what we were striving for all that time – to just be included as a quarterback. I think we’re at that point now, and I’m really proud of the fact that I played a small role in that.”
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