DERRICK HENRY – 12/14/15
Heisman Trophy winner

“Without all of them, I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today. I was just so thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to be put here and share the moment with everybody that helped me get there. It’s a special moment for me that I’ll never forget.”
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PETER KING – 12/15/15
SI and writer

“And then it’s just a matter of hope. I think it’s realistic to expect that Dalton could return a month from tomorrow when the divisional playoff game would start. And hey, if they get home field, that’s the first game he’d have to play.”
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ROB DIBBLE – 12/15/15
Former MLB pitcher

“I don’t get it. When you’re admitting that you still gambling on baseball, it’s mind-numbing. Pete, you’ve been kicked out of baseball for 26 years and you’re still gambling on baseball? I don’t care if it’s legal. I don’t care if you’re gambling with your closest relatives. . . . (The commissioner) wants to see Pete grow up and mature. He’s still a child at heart.”
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CHARLES DAVIS – 12/16/15
Fox Sports analyst

“Mike Pettine, I’m not sure trusts him, and really doesn’t want to play him. But ownership has said, ‘You’ve got to play him. We’ve got to find out what we have.’ Johnny Manziel holds Mike Pettine’s future in his hands. If he plays well and they win two out for three down the stretch, Mike Pettine might keep his job. That’s kind of a real juxtaposition there, isn’t it?”
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REV RUN – 12/16/15
Former Run DMC frontman

“I don’t really go too far into what’s good and what’s bad because I’m not the type of Rev to judge anything. But I will say I’m into Drake. I like what Drake does. I like what many of the rappers are doing. Drake mixes singing with rapping. You have so many different rappers doing things that are excited to me. I’m a rap fan still at heart.”
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DR. BENNET OMALU – 12/17/15
Discovered CTE

“This is a country where the impossible becomes the possible. The world (in which) we play football today was not the world (in which) we played it 60 years ago. Evolution is not synonymous with ending; it is a continuing effort. So I think as a mankind, we naturally evolve, and as we evolve, we become better people. We become more intelligent. Football is not going to end, but football will evolve to become a better and more intelligent game. . . . But when it comes to our children, we cannot continue intentionally exposing our kids to harm. It’s our moral duty as a modern society to protect the most vulnerable of us.”
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Royals third baseman

“It really is. To get to the World Series once – to get to any championship game in any major sport – it’s unbelievably hard. And to go back there back-to-back years and actually finish it off, you can’t really explain what we went through, especially during 162 games to get to that point – and even the playoffs with the Astros and the Blue Jays, the teams that we had to beat to get to the World Series again.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“You just figure Al is this iconic trailblazer, and he’s only going to do his own thing, and who the hell is Mark, and the team just fell in his lap. But everything I’ve heard is that Al was actually more into exploring it just because he knew they were running out of options in Alameda county. Whereas Mark, it’s been almost like a non-starter for him. But again, he’s running out of time and options, too.”
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