Neither Tiki Barber nor Brandon Tierney feels overly confident about their predictions, but if two NFL teams wind up moving to Los Angeles, Barber thinks it’ll be the Rams and Raiders, while Tierney thinks it’ll be the Chargers and Raiders.

Jason La Canfora disagrees with both. Sort of.

“I think it’ll be the Rams and Chargers in 2017,” the CBS NFL insider said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “I think they’ll punt on 2016. That’s what they want, and they’re literally running out of time for this year. Then you compound it with still maybe only being $100 million away from really being able to put something out there that the league wouldn’t be able to scoff at. I think PR-wise, punt for a year, then couch it as we’re giving these home markets 10 more months to get their stuff together, and really behind closed doors, they start trying to build a bridge between Dean Spanos and Stan Kroenke. Right now, it’s a landfill, but maybe by October and the fall league meeting, they’ve coerced those two into a deal that they can live with.

“Then you go to the Raiders,” La Canfora continued, “and say, Mark Davis, here are your options: They’re building this thing in St. Louis. You can go there, or you could sell your team, or you can keep playing in a stadium that has sewage pouring up from the gutters. It’s up to you. . . . And look, there could still be a movement. If you punt for a year, that also gives you nine months to try to force Mark Davis and the Yorks together as well and try to figure out (a way) to make Santa Clara (house) two teams. . . . Mark Davis wants LA, but we don’t always all get what we want. There are certain few people who have voice in this one. Unfortunately for Mark Davis, he’s only one of those 32.”

Brandon Tierney, based on what he has heard, feels like the Niners, who just opened Levi’s Stadium, were actually more amenable to sharing a stadium that the Raiders were.

Tierney isn’t off-base.

“The real sort of rub was Al (Davis) was more open to it than Mark is, which most people would find sort of counter-intuitive,” La Canfora said. “You just figure Al is this iconic trailblazer, and he’s only going to do his own thing, and who the hell is Mark, and the team just fell in his lap. But everything I’ve heard is that Al was actually more into exploring it just because he knew they were running out of options in Alameda county. Whereas Mark, it’s been almost like a non-starter for him. But again, he’s running out of time and options, too.”


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