WILL BRINSON – 12/7/15
CBS Sports NFL writer

“(He’s) rebounded after kind of a poor start and has shown very nice game-management skills and an ability to bounce back from mistakes. Remember, he had a four-pick game against the Panthers, and ever since then, the Bucs took a little bit of this plate and tried to run the ball more effectively, and he’s looked like a much better quarterback.”
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Duke head coach

“So run your own race. Don’t be distracted by the fact that someone else might be better right now. Try to use those talents to make you better. That’s what we’ve tried to do over the years at Duke.”
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KONY EALY – 12/8/15
Panthers defensive end

“Cam doesn’t have to do a whole lot of talking; he does a whole lot of leading (by example). That can go from low to high. He’s just that type of guy. He’s a people’s person when you get to know him. We have very good chemistry with our teammates and he’s very active within the team. . . . If you don’t know him, then you don’t know that. But that’s Cam.”
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Virginia head coach

“So my job now is to leverage the strengths of Virginia – not make it BYU. What I first and foremost need to do is make sure I have a great picture of what our situation looks like and what it will take for a young person to thrive there. I’m not only talking off the field; I’m talking on as well. We want great success. We want an exceptional program. I need to combine what it will look like to thrive on the field and off and then design the program and recruit specifically to that. I’m not intending to make a BYU East. I’m intending to make it specific and the one and only University of Virginia.”
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76ers Chairman of Basketball Operations

“He was embarrassed. It wasn’t like the team that and been playing so hard for him. They just kind of rolled it out there. When there’s apathy, that’s bad.”
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KRIS BRYANT – 12/10/15
Cubs third baseman

“I think they know the type of player that I am and they accept it. They are really great about telling me what they like about me and what I need to work on. I know what I need to do, too. So it’s refreshing to see that they’re satisfied with what I do.”
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TOM ROTHMAN – 12/10/15
Sony Pictures chairman

“The reason that we’re all talking about it now and the reason that the league (has owned) up to its responsibilities now is because of this guy. Maybe in a way, (he) was naive. Maybe in a way, he didn’t know what they were going to try to do to him. But he just kept going.”
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BRIAN BILLICK – 12/10/15
NFL Network analyst

“No. But Austin was pathetic. So now all of a sudden Manziel has learned his lesson, so now we’re going to play him – and we’re going to see him play in meaningless games. I don’t know what we’re going to learn about Johnny Manziel other than what we already know, which is that his abilities don’t translate to the NFL.”
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DAN CAMPBELL – 12/11/15
Dolphins head coach

“Ever since I took this over, from the first day that they gave me this opportunity, all I’ve thought about is winning games. And if I want to keep this job – which I do. I would love to keep this job. I feel like I was born to do this. Well, you got to win, and that’s all I’m looking at is finding a way (to win).”
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Heisman Trophy winner

“On stages like that, a lot’s gong on, you can’t hear anything, you can’t see anything, and I think he was just caught up in the moment more than anything. I didn’t really realize that it went down like that until the next morning. I started getting  a lot of calls from people, and I’m saying, ‘What are they talking about?’”
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