The weekly 6-Pack of Picks appears poised to come right down to the wire. Tiki Barber is coming off a 4-2 week to improve to 36-29-1, while Brandon Tierney is coming off a 4-1-1 week to improve to 34-27-5.

Just how close it it? Barber and Tierney are sporting identical winning percentages (.553).

Looking ahead to Week 12, Barber likes the Steelers (-3.5) at Seattle, the Jaguars (-4) against the Chargers, the Bills (+6) at Kansas City, Clemson (-17) at South Carolina, Michigan State (+10.5) against Penn State, and is taking the over in Oklahoma/Oklahoma State (68).

“Maybe Penn State is going to hold them close,” Barber said, “but let’s not forget Michigan State has a chance to sneak their way back into the College Football Playoff top four. Obviously they lost to Nebraska and that really hurt them. They are going to leave no doubt against Penn State this weekend, and I think they win this game by more than 10-and-a-half.”

Tierney, meanwhile, likes the Broncos (+3) against the Patriots, the Jets (-4) against Miami, and is taking the over in Bucs/Colts (46.5). He also likes Georgia (-4) at Georgia Tech, BYU (-3) at Utah State, and is taking the under in Indiana/Purdue (68.5).

“Denver is better than the Bills,” said Tierney, who likes that Denver is playing at home with a lights-out defense. “I think they beat the Pats, and I love the fact that they’re getting points. They will win this game outright.”


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