It would stand to reason that the Philadelphia Eagles still have plenty left to play for this season. Even though they’re 4-6 on the year, the NFC East leading New York Giants are 5-5 and have been anything but world beaters this season, which means the Eagles still have a real shot at a division title.

However, things appear to be falling apart at the seams in Philadelphia around head coach Chip Kelly, who has gone from being the team’s savior to the team’s No. 1 problem overnight.

However, amid reports that Kelly might be calling it quits after this season, Tiki Barber of CBS Sports Radio’s “Tiki And Tierney” chimed in, and he definitely doesn’t think the coach is even close to done trying to fix the mess that is the Eagles right now.

“I think there’s so many things that have gone wrong for this Eagles team and Chip Kelly is still trying to figure it out,”  Tiki said on this morning’s show. “He’s not a guy that’s just going to quit, he’s not Nick Saban, he’s not Steve Spurrier who said, ‘Hey, dude, I want to be playing golf at 4:30 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon. He’s not that guy. He works his ass off at trying to be the best head coach he can be. It’s not working, but that doesn’t mean you jettison right away.”


Now, as for the reports that players have quit on coach Kelly, Tiki had some harsh words for guys that might not be giving it 100 percent just because they don’t like Kelly or disagree with his style.

“Pump your breaks on the Chip Kelly leaving,” Tiki said. “I still believe that as a prideful guy he wants to figure out a way to make this work, but he’s got to have the right personnel. Now the question becomes – and I’ve seen it everywhere – the team’s quit on him. When you have Connor Barwin and some of these other guys and (Fletcher) Cox and some of these effort guys giving up serious big plays to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week. I mean, there were points last week where Doug Martin, it was like video game running through the defensive line of the Eagles into the secondary of the Eagles.”

“Then there are these other reports that there are guys that are injured and they’re sitting in the training room and they’re not playing because they don’t want to play hurt for Chip Kelly. Well if that’s your mentality, guess what? You’re not going to be anywhere next year, you certainly won’t be in Philadelphia, but that reputation goes everywhere with you. Don’t give me the ‘I’m not playing for the coach,’ this is a job, dude. You’re getting paid money. Serious money. You’re living in a nice house and driving nice cars because you play a stupid game and you’re going to quit on a guy just because you don’t like him. C’mon, really? As much as I disliked Tom Coughlin I balled my ass off for him. It has nothing to  do with liking the guy, it has everything to do with doing your damn job.”



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