ROBERT KLEMKO – 11/16/15
Sports Illustrated MMQB NFL writer

“Two things kind of jumped out at me. It’s bizarre to me that Dez Bryant, a person of his talent, cares that much about what people are writing and what people are saying. And the other thing is the kind of malaise in that locker room. It wasn’t like everyone was jumping to Dez Bryant’s defense. Some people were laughing. Some players were like, ‘I wish I could snapchat this.’”
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RANDY CROSS – 11/17/15
CBS Sports college football analyst

“That’s Alabama. Saw the loss against Ole Miss and all those crazy plays, but the Saban teams, generally speaking, are teams that when you look at them, you go, ‘Man, they’re not that good.’ But you probably should beat them early because if you wait until later, they might be a lot better. Well, you know what? They’re a lot better right now.”
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TOM HERMAN – 11/18/15
Houston football head coach

“I think it’s a shame that we do have these rankings this early because I just see it as another way that the NCAA and the media (are) just kind of adding other ways to make money off of our student-athletes. For what? Last I checked – I don’t know – are they giving trophies away for where you’re ranked after this week’s poll? Are they giving awards or bowl invites? I don’t think so. So why do we have them? I’m not quite sure.”
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HERMAN MOORE – 11/18/15
Former Lions Pro Bowl WR

“I don’t know what’s causing that. It’s not that the Fords are not trying. I’ve been around this organization long enough. Believe me, I would definitely say they are not (trying if I thought that was the case). But right now, they are making the commitment. Sometimes it just seems the commitments that they make . . . don’t pan out. It’s unfortunate.”
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BAS RUTTEN – 11/19/15
MMA legend

“People want to see that although you’re a great athlete, you’re human as well. A loss, most of the time, will do that to a fighter. Oh, they’re human, and then when they come back, (people) kind of respect it even better. Holm is not very colorful in front of the camera, but I think people like that as well. If you have a lot to say like a Conor McGregor, that is great, but the other side is very intriguing also – to have a person who is very timid and calm and talks about normal things and can still kick ass. People can identify with that person as well. We’re just going to have to see what Holm is going to do now.”
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MIKE SILVER – 11/19/15
NFL Network analyst

“And I think the Urban Meyers and the Nick Sabans are in college for a reason. So if Nick wants to prove me wrong and come back and deal with a real media corps and deal with the big boys, then I’d love to see it because he’s obviously very talented. But until proven otherwise, I’m going to say that he’s a lightweight.”
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Navy QB

“We got a guy that graduated in May that’s playing for the Patriots (long-snapper Joe Cardona), but his case is very, very special. I don’t know how my deal is going to work out. The only thing I can do right now is continue to focus on the season, focus on school, just doing what’s right, doing my job and then let everything else take care of itself in the future.”
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