If you look around the NFL, there are a lot of bad teams this year.

Like, a lot.

In fact, there are only 11 teams with a winning record, which means there could be a lot of head-coaching vacancies this offseason and a lot of franchises swinging for the fences with their next hire.

Translation? You can bet your bottom dollar that Nick Saban will get at least one NFL phone call in the coming months. Saban, 64, hasn’t coached in the NFL since 2006, but is it possible we could see him back in pro football?

NFL Network analyst Mike Silver says no.

“I don’t believe that Nick Saban has – I’ll try to say this politely – the temperament that is necessary to survive in the big leagues,” Silver said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “Look, it’s easy to be the king when you are in Tuscaloosa and you are dealing with what I have to believe is a beaten-down media corps that you can control and try to dominate, but it is not for the meek in the NFL. You have real journalists and real scrutiny and real men that you coach. I think a lot of times the controls freaks have a hard time with that transition.”

Saban went 15-17 in two seasons with the Dolphins in 2005-06.

“Everyone says, ‘Oh, well Nick Saban would have been great in Miami if they had just picked Drew Brees and not Daunte Culpepper,’” Silver said. “I don’t think so. What I saw in Miami was a guy who just got swallowed up by the intensity of it all and tried to control it because that’s how he is and he couldn’t do it. When you issue a directive that nobody outside of the football staff is allowed to speak to you in the building because apparently an employee remarked on your haircut one morning, then you’re not fit to coach in the big leagues.

“I could rip a lot of NFL coaches for their quirks and their weirdness and being autocrats, but you either can handle it or you can’t,” Silver continued. “And I think the Urban Meyers and the Nick Sabans are in college for a reason. So if Nick wants to prove me wrong and come back and deal with a real media corps and deal with the big boys, then I’d love to see it because he’s obviously very talented. But until proven otherwise, I’m going to say that he’s a lightweight.”


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