A lot of people thought Ronda Rousey would do to Holly Holm what she had done to all of her previous opponents:

Win, and win convincingly.

But MMA legend Bas Rutten wasn’t as convinced, especially not after seeing the way Rousey conducted herself at the weigh-in.

“She kind of lost it there. She got emotional,” Rutten said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “That was already a moment (that made) one of my friends say, ‘She is going to lose. She’s off. She looks really weird.’ And then in the fight, we knew that footwork was going to play a major factor, and I expected the same thing. But five rounds to avoid the clinch? (I thought it would be) very hard to do for Holm, even though she has great footwork. But then we realized during the fight that even when Ronda had a clinch, she couldn’t do anything with a clinch. After the first clinch, she gets out and she kicks Ronda in the belly while Ronda is leaning over, which is actually illegal. But that could also play a factor right there. She got taken out of her game, out of her game-plan, out of her rhythm. Once that happens to a fighter, you start to realize, ‘Wait, I can’t take her down.’ Things start happening, the adrenaline shoots through the roof and that will start making you tired really fast.”

Based on social media, it seems many people were happy that Rousey lost, mainly due to her lack of sportsmanship – not just in this fight, but in previous ones as well.

“Yeah, well, she didn’t shake hands, right?” Rutten said. “(Aside) from that, she’s just very, very competitive. Like the whole thing with Miesha Tate, they never made up, even after the fight. She’s just a very, very competitive person, but it rubs people the wrong way. We know you are the champion that is a good person. Let’s just say it: That doesn’t come (across) as being a good person. That’s the main reason (some people were happy she lost).”

While Brandon Tierney was impressed with Holm’s performance, he can’t help but think Rousey’s loss is bad for UFC. People are drawn to invincibility, and Holm removed that from Rousey.


“Yeah, you’re right,” Rutten said. “People want to see that although you’re a great athlete, you’re human as well. A loss, most of the time, will do that to a fighter. Oh, they’re human, and then when they come back, (people) kind of respect it even better. Holm is not very colorful in front of the camera, but I think people like that as well. If you have a lot to say like a Conor McGregor, that is great, but the other side is very intriguing also – to have a person who is very timid and calm and talks about normal things and can still kick ass. People can identify with that person as well. We’re just going to have to see what Holm is going to do now.”


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