Dez Bryant lashed out at reporters in the Cowboys’ locker room Thursday, taking umbrage with a story written by ESPN’s Jean-Jacques Taylor. Robert Klemko, a writer for The MMQB, then live-tweeted about Bryant’s confrontation with Taylor, which only incensed Bryant further.


“This locker room is a joke,” Tiki Barber said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “Obviously the product on the field has been very subpar with Tony Romo’s injury and all the other things that have been going on – the Greg Hardy stuff and Dez Bryant getting back from injury. I don’t even know what to say.”

Brandon Tierney, however, did.

“The problem with Dez Bryant (is) he’s either not emotionally stable or (he’s not) smart enough to be strategic in refuting erroneous stories – or what he perceives to be erroneous,” Tierney said. “Because with Twitter now, you know what? Go on Twitter and refute this the way a 27-year-old superstar franchise wide receiver should do it. Act like it. Don’t be classless, don’t be combative, don’t be unstable, don’t be irrational – because that’s all you give us to judge you on, Dez. It might very well come from a good place, but over and over? In a couple of years you’re going to be 30. At what point do we say ‘He’s going to grow up’ versus ‘He’s never going to get it’? It’s got to be the latter at this point. Come on, Dez.”

As Barber pointed out, though, Bryant is an absolute superstar when healthy.

“They’ve never won anything with him,” Tierney countered. “Get rid of Dez Bryant. Get out of here. All that stuff that happened with his mom allegedly – take a hike. Who the hell needs Dez Bryant?”

Bryant, for the record, took offense to an ESPN story in which Taylor more or less called out Bryant for his production, or lack thereof, in a 13-12 loss to Seattle on Nov. 1. Richard Sherman limited Bryant to two catches for 12 yards.

Bryant, it is worth noting, had been out since Week 1 with a broken foot.

“Obviously it was his first game back, he’s kind of hobbling around a little bit, and had some rust,” Barber said. “(But) I don’t really see why (he found the article) offensive.”

In Tierney’s mind, getting criticized is just the nature of professional sports, especially if you’re a superstar on a big-market team.

“It just comes with the territory,” Tierney said. “If you win, you’re revered. If you’re a superstar and you lose, people want to know what’s going on, especially when you have two catches for 12 yards. I mean, I’d have to really watch the game film. Was it a quarterback thing? Quite possibly because Romo wasn’t there. Maybe Dez is actually right. Maybe at that point it was (Matt Cassel who was at fault). But Dez Bryant’s got to grow up or Dez Bryant’s got to go if I’m the Cowboys.”


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