Super Bowl champion and TOPS host

“There’s probably times when you may not necessarily discuss it, but there’s a couple guys I’m sure you have on the list  – (like a couple of safeties) or a defensive end down in Dallas.”
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T.J. MOE – 11/9/15
Former Missouri WR

“Chancellor (R. Bowen) Loftin has already announced that he was going to be implementing diversity training classes for all incoming students this upcoming year and they were trying to get the details together to do that, but that’s not good enough. Well, what is good enough? What is going to change people? What is going to stop people from being so ignorant when you grow up in a town like I did of all white people?”
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Patriots safety

“Really, after every game, I’m sure you guys see it, but Coach Belichick, he’s a real stickler. You watch the game and you see us have a good game and win by maybe two touchdowns, and we come in the next day and we hear about everything that we could have done (better). So when you’re trying to show Coach Belichick that we’re doing the right things, that we’re improving, you really don’t have time to think about being undefeated. I think we’re so fixated on trying to play perfect and get better each week, we don’t stop and even think about it. We just keep it going.”
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“What are you doing about the problem you have? Hopefully he has to recognize he has a problem. So I’m sure I would get in those conversations. (My wife and I) have four daughters and granddaughters, so it’s a priority in my life as far as making sure that they’re protected and taken care of. So your teammates, you’re still in the trenches. You’re out on that field and there’s a relationship you have out there, and then there’s also the relationship in the locker room. It’s nice to have them both be good, but it’s not totally necessary to be in love with your teammate off the field. But on the field, you’ve got to be together as a team. It’s a very competitive game, and everybody’s not perfect. But when you hit that field, you’re out there to win and play together.”
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JEFF LONG – 11/11/15
College Football Playoff committee chair

“When Pat Haden was chosen, he wasn’t representing the Pac-12 at all. That’s not something that we’re concerned about in the committee. We don’t represent a geography. We don’t represent a conference. There are certainly people that are very familiar with the Pac-12. Dr. (Condoleezza) Rice is from Stanford. Tyrone Willingham used to coach in that conference – both at Stanford and Washington. So there’s people in that room that know the Big 12. And again, it’s not like we’re representing those areas. We’re representing college football.”
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NFL Network reporter

“But like you said, it’s all going to be determined by health in the second half of the season. But that AFC Wild Card really does look very much up in the air – both Wild Cards, for that matter, in the AFC. But if you’re in the AFC East, that’s the toughest part: You know you’re going for the Wild Card. You’re not going for the division win. That’s where you’ve got to draw your motivation and start looking at those other teams within the conference.”
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KYLE TURLEY – 11/12/15
Former NFL offensive lineman

“We are not addressing this and how we can fix this. We are continuing to just count concussions and try to lessen them. This is an inevitably in our sport. You cannot play football without obtaining a head injury. So what do we do about that? There’s a myriad of things we’re developing outside of the NFL world that are helping this issue in a big way with cryotherapy and oxygen therapies. The NFL has the amount of money to be able to support programs and develop technologies to help this injury. Right now, it’s being piecemealed together by individuals out there who don’t have funding that the NFL has. We are not addressing this injury; we are continuing to just count this injury – and that’s unfortunate.”
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