Giants running back

“He’s thrilled. He loves this game. He’s a true competitor, he works extremely hard and I know he can’t wait to get out on the field and allow some of his frustrations to come out. We can’t wait for him to be able to do that. He’s full of energy. You see a smile on his face and you see his work ethic is extremely high. He has a lot to prove and we’re excited to have him back.”
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Seahawks QB

“Dez Bryant is one of the good guys in the league. He’s a competitor. He would never do that. He would never wish ill on anyone. He’s not that type of person at all by any means. That’s just somebody making something up. I have a lot of respect for Dez Bryant and how he plays the game. The most important thing about this is we continue to keep Ricardo in our players. This game is a lot bigger than just football. Continue to keep him in your prayers.”
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CBS Sports broadcaster

“He had a good year last year. I still have trouble forgetting in his second game when he scored and he did the Desmond Howard Heisman Trophy pose, and I thought, ‘Oh, come on. You’re a freshman in college. Don’t do that.’ But I have not met him yet. We will, I’m sure. But everything I’ve read about him and heard about him – and I’ve talked with the coaches – is he’s a very humble, approachable young man. I sure hope that’s true. So that part, I think, he’s getting. And as a talent, I heard Gary say something when he bowled over the safety in our LSU/Auburn game and this kid just did a back-flip and then (Fournette) shrugged another tackler on another touchdown run. He’s going to have a lot defining moments, but those two (were incredible).”
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BILL HANCOCK – 11/5/15
College Football Playoff Executive Director

“High integrity, terrific reputations, know the game, bright people. The conference commissioners were each invited to nominate 10 people and then we just went through the names. But the key was high integrity. And then the second thing was diversity of background and geographic diversity. We wanted people who looked at this differently.”
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JERRY RICE – 11/5/15
NFL Hall of Fame WR

“I really don’t. I realize he was a defensive coordinator, but i don’t know that much about him. The players, they seem to really like him, but sometimes that can work against you. I really don’t know what the Niners are going to do, but if things keep going the way they’re going right now, I think they’re going to be having this debate during the offseason if they should make a change with the head coach or bring someone else in.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“‘If they were going to do this, why didn’t they fire those guys two weeks ago? We would have been calling asking about Matt Stafford. If we knew they were either close to doing something like this, even if they hadn’t called us, we would have called them and said, Wait a minute, you just fired your GM. Are you going in a different direction? Because we’d be willing to take Stafford now.’”
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WADE DAVIS – 11/6/15
Royals closer

“You just don’t want to put your team in a situation like that where your team hasn’t done anything wrong, and I don’t think he did anything wrong either. Maybe the way he handled the media afterwards is what’s going to set some tempers off because that’s just not something you usually do and you’re challenging people’s manhoods when you start talking like that. But I don’t know. We’ll see. It should be a fun series regardless.”
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Heisman Trophy winner

“You look at the yards that he has right now, and he’s done more than we’ve done at this given time right now. But longevity does play a big part, just what he’s going to do over the long haul. . . . It’s so hard to say who’s going to get (the Heisman), but it is his Heisman to lose. If he does something crazy off the field, for me, he won’t get my vote, but I think this Alabama game will be a telling story. I don’t think LSU has gotten to the meat of their schedule. I don’t think they’ve played those powerful defenses yet. I think Alabama will be the defense that will tell you if he’s the guy.”
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