Let’s just go ahead and call it now: Giants/Saints was – and will be – the whackiest, craziest game of the NFL season. To review, there were 101 points, 63 first downs, 141 plays, 1,024 total yards, two turnovers, one defensive touchdown and a game-winning 50-yard field goal in the Saints’ 52-49 Superdome win.


What in the heck was going on?

“It was a wild game to watch, it was a wild game to be a part of,” Giants running back Rashad Jennings said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “It’s a lot of scoring going on. There’s a lot of cheering going on, there was a lot of excitement going on, a lot of explosive plays. And I actually had somebody come watch. That was their first NFL game they’ve ever watched (or) been a part of, and they got to witness that. And I told them afterwards, ‘Look, not every game is like this, so just really appreciate what happened.’ It was an exciting game. Obviously we didn’t put enough points on the board to finish with the win, but you go home, you watch the tape, you learn from it and you move on to the next opponent. But it was good to see the offense kind of step it up and click on more cylinders.”

Needless to say, the Giants’ defense, at times, looked a little suspect, if not altogether awful. Jennings, however, is undeterred by one shaky performance.

“Our defense is good,” he said. “Sometimes you see in situations where the offense (struggles) and the defense has our back. There was times when we’ve had the defense’s back. We’ve left some plays out there offensively. Don’t let the scoreboard fool you. We’ve got room to grow. This is the ultimate team sport. The defense looks out for offense, the offense looks out for defense. That’s how the game is played. We win together, we lose together, we stand together and we’re going to keep moving forward in the season together.”

Luckily for the Giants, they’re moving forward with Jason Pierre-Paul, who could make his season debut this Sunday in Tampa Bay. Pierre-Paul has not played since being involved in a fireworks accident on July 4 that did extensive damage to his right hand.

Brandon Tierney wondered how Pierre-Paul is doing these days – not only as a player, but also as a person.

“Oh, he’s excited to be back,” Jennings said. “He’s thrilled. He loves this game. He’s a true competitor, he works extremely hard and I know he can’t wait to get out on the field and allow some of his frustrations to come out. We can’t wait for him to be able to do that. He’s full of energy. You see a smile on his face and you see his work ethic is extremely high. He has a lot to prove and we’re excited to have him back.”

It is unknown whether Pierre-Paul will actually be able to suit up Sunday.

“I wish I was in position to make those calls, but I obviously don’t,” Jennings said. “He’s a phenomenal player and a difference-maker on the field.”


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