CBS Sports Network basketball analyst

“I got to be an All-Star and make the playoffs and accomplish great things with that franchise. I’m very thankful for that. I owe a lot to (Saunders). It’s just a huge loss. He’s a guy I’ll never forget because he did so much for me.”
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Clippers guard

“We really don’t. I think we’ve grown up. And if you look at the last two champions with Golden State and San Antonio, we were the last team to actually put them out of the playoffs. So we’re not far away. We just have to get it done.”
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TERRY PORTER – 10/27/15
Former NBA head coach

“Obviously Fred Hoiberg in Chicago, there’s a lot of expectations on how that team is going to do in the East. And then you talk about (Billy) Donovan who was at Florida (and) had great success as a collegiate coach and now he’s with OKC and all their aspirations to come off a disappointing year with having some of their key guys hurt last year. Both of those guys have championship pedigree in regards to what they expect. It’ll be interesting to see how they mesh with the new coach and the new system. That’s going to be intriguing.”
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BRIAN KELLY – 10/28/15
Notre Dame head coach

“You always have those thoughts (about coaching in the NFL), but when you’re at Notre Dame, it’s just one of those jobs that really never gives you any thoughts toward doing anything else. I love where I am. I love coaching college football. And I think the one thing you can do here is you control the payroll – which is the scholarships – you are the GM, you get to recruit the players you want and you get to make the final decisions. You’re the owner. Anytime you get control over those three things at Notre Dame, that seems to be the best job in the country.”
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Former MLB All-Star outfielder

“The Mets’ pitching has been good. I think they need to produce runs early in the ball game to really get the crowd into it and to really allow (Syndergaard) to know, ‘Okay, we’re coming to play’ and get a little swagger about yourself. Obviously Kansas City has it about them. If you don’t have it, the other team looking at you will go, ‘They’re weak.’ (The Mets) have to show that they can come back and win a ball game – because pitching is not a problem.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“There’s only 17 teams in the league that have won back-to-back games. Think about that. Barely more than half the league has managed to win two straight weeks. I think there’s potential for more moves (before the trade deadline) than people give it credit for, but guys have to start being forward thinking (instead of saying), ‘We don’t want people to think we’re giving up on the season.’ Bro, it’s November. You got to win. You got two wins (all season). It speaks for itself. You better start selling the future.”
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JIM BREUER – 10/30/15

“That was an emotional moment, hands down. Absolutely I said it. As a fan, I go with the emotion at that moment. So yeah, at that time when it was 4-1 and then it was (7-1), I went, ‘Yeah, we’re done. We’re done.’ Now, I may have been referring to just that game, but no, I felt (we were) done. But then I woke up the next day (Thursday) and (felt more optimistic). It was a weird feeling I felt. There’s a crazy hope, but I definitely said that.”
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