Actor and comedian Jim Breuer, a diehard Mets fan, isn’t terribly concerned that his team is down 2-0 to the Royals. In fact, the New York native woke up with a crazy feeling on Thursday:

He thinks the Mets will come back in the series.

“I just had a bizarre feeling, a gut feeling (when the playoffs began),” Breuer said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “I wasn’t nervous or nothing. I just had a calm feeling the Mets are going to win no matter what. It had nothing to do with anything else. I just went on a plain feeling. And right before they played Chicago, I had another just weird confidence. Well, right before the (World Series), I felt like someone poisoned me, and I couldn’t get the funk out of me. And as soon as that first pitch happened, I went, ‘Oh, oh yes. This is what this funk is.’ The earth is turning in bizarre fashion for the Mets, and I didn’t get rid of it until (Thursday). Yesterday, I woke up and I had that crazy calm. I had a giddiness about me. I went, ‘Oh, my God, they’re going to sweep at home.’”

If the Mets sweep the Royals at home, they’ll have a 3-2 series lead and head back to Kansas City for Game 6. Needless to say, that would be a dream scenario for Mets fans everywhere.

While Breuer seems confident now, that wasn’t the case Wednesday night, when the Mets lost 7-1 in Game 2. Rolling Stone quoted Breuer as saying, “The Mets are done.”

“Well, listen, yeah, at the moment, yeah, (that’s how I felt) – just along with every other Mets fan,” Breuer said. “That was an emotional moment, hands down. Absolutely I said it. As a fan, I go with the emotion at that moment. So yeah, at that time when it was 4-1 and then it was (7-1), I went, ‘Yeah, we’re done. We’re done.’ Now, I may have been referring to just that game, but no, I felt (we were) done. But then I woke up the next day (Thursday) and (felt more optimistic). It was a weird feeling I felt. There’s a crazy hope, but I definitely said that.”

Much of the focus through two games has been on the Mets’ pitchers. Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom were both so-so in Games 1 and 2, and Jeurys Familia blew his first save since July. Breuer, however, believes the focus shouldn’t be on the Mets’ pitchers, but rather, the Mets’ hitters, who combined for just two hits against Johnny Cueto in Game 2.

“They don’t need to do anything but be themselves,” Breuer said. “It’s the hitters that need to wake up. Godzilla needs to wake up and get his Cuban mojo going. You need David Wright to start hitting. Without that, it doesn’t matter what the pitchers do. They can pith their life out and it doesn’t matter; if you’re not going to hit the ball, you can’t win a game. The most frustrating thing to me was both games – when it’s two strikes and you go down looking? Don’t you learn that in Little League? Choke up, hog the plate, swing at everything? Don’t try to guess. You can try to guess what he’s going to pitch, but for crying out loud, stick your bat out. Wilmer (Flores) did it in Game 1. The guy blew it 100 miles per hour past him, and then what does he do? He just sticks his bat out and puts the ball in play. The first baseman makes an error, he makes things happen, the potential winning run is in the game. I don’t get why some of these veteran players (don’t swing). That blows my mind. It blows my mind.”


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