Colin Kaepernick isn’t winning ownership over with his play on the field, and he apparently isn’t winning teammates over with his personality in the locker room.

Earlier this month, Vernon Davis, one of Kaepernick’s top targets, reportedly got into a verbal altercation with left tackle Joe Staley while discussing Kaepernick during a team meeting. Davis, however, denies the report.

True or untrue, it’s clear that the 49ers – who are averaging a league-worst 14.7 points per game – are in complete disarray.

“This is what I can tell you about that situation – and I reported probably three or four weeks ago that Vernon Davis was available, that Vernon Davis was open to a trade, that Vernon Davis actually hoped to be traded and that Vernon Davis had a frayed relationship with Colin Kaepernick,” CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “Kaepernick, he kind of beats to his own drummer. He’ll be walking through the hall sometimes and he’ll have his headphones on and he’ll be bopping around, and to some of the veterans, it appears like he’s in his own world and he’s almost cut off from them and the whole idea of having an interplay throughout the day or running ideas by him. It’s just kind of not there. I was hearing that back then when Vernon was still banged up and wasn’t playing, he kind of had enough of it and that this thing may come to a head. There was obviously some sort of argument. Whether it got physical or not, I don’t know.

“But these seeds have been sowed for a while there,” La Canfora continued. “There’s a lot of frustration there. Things have changed immensely. You got to take everything straight up to the owner (Jed York). He decided to take his franchise back. It wasn’t fun winning with Jim Harbaugh anymore, so let me lose on my own terms. How’s that going for you? So it’s all systemic and systematic of that frayed culture. And (Jim) Tomsula, he’s caught in the wash. Vince Lombardi is not coming in there and changing that thing this year. I mean, they are a team in decline. They’re open to moving some people before the deadline. I wouldn’t be shocked if they were able to move an offensive lineman or two or maybe a Vernon Davis. They got to load up on picks, and Trent Baalke better start hitting on them like he did three or four years ago, or the hole will only get deeper there.”

If you’re a 49ers fan, well, at least you’re not alone. The NFL is a league that prides itself on parity, but this year, there isn’t much to be found.

“This whole idea of parity – there’s like five really good teams, three other pretty good teams, a couple of teams that aren’t totally awful and half the league that’s just, please,” La Canfora said. “There’s only 17 teams in the league that have won back-to-back games. Think about that. Barely more than half the league has managed to win two straight weeks. I think there’s potential for more moves (before the trade deadline) than people give it credit for, but guys have to start being forward thinking (instead of saying), ‘We don’t want people to think we’re giving up on the season.’ Bro, it’s November. You got to win. You got two wins (all season). It speaks for itself. You better start selling the future.”


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