Well, that didn’t take long.

Greg Hardy, who was suspended for the first four games of the season following a domestic-violence incident, got physical with Cowboys special teams coach Rich Bisaccia on Sunday, this after former Cowboy Dwayne Harris returned a kickoff 100 yards for the winning score in a Giants’ 27-20 home win.

Hardy knocked Bisaccia’s clipboard out of his hands, shoved him and then got into a verbal altercation with Dez Bryant, who, by comparison, looked like a paradigm of restraint and virtue.

“This is ridiculous,” Brandon Tierney said on CBS Sports Radio’s Tiki and Tierney. “This guy, I know that there’s a lot of things that happen in the NFL that we don’t know about, so we can only truly react to what we do know and what we see and what we hear – (but) he remains by far the most despicable person in the NFL. He’s a bad soul. Actually, he’s a soulless soul. He’s a bad person. It’s a matter of time before he either hurts himself or hurts somebody else. You can take that to the bank. What gives this guy the license to race over to his special teams coach (who) he doesn’t even know and basically knock a clipboard out of his hand and just turn the sidelines into anarchy? He’s been there for three minutes. What is wrong with this guy?”

Tiki Barber agreed.

“He’s got issues of emotion, of anger, of irrationality,” Barber said. “Greg Hardy is just livid, goes over to the special teams coach, knocks his clipboard out of his hand, gets into an argument with him and then Dez Bryant comes over and he’s arguing with Dez Bryant. It feels like he’s the cancer of the locker room. You don’t even know how to approach (him). There’s some guys that you can have conversations with and be like, ‘Let’s stick together and be a team.’ This seems like the kind of guy that doesn’t want to hear it. And what’s worse is Jerry Jones and, I guess to and extent, Jason Garrett – they don’t co-sign it, but they just let it happen. That’s not okay. . . . They let him get away. They let him be this. And you wonder why this team is 0-4 without Tony Romo – even in games they could have won. (It’s) because of this. If you let this stuff exist, it takes over the team. It becomes more important than the corrections you need to make on a football field. And this Cowboys team, I mean, there’s some bad things going on injury-wise, but this is probably the worst of anything going on with that Cowboys team right now.”

After the game, Hardy stood by his locker and fielded questions from the media, cutting all of them off mid-sentence and saying, “No comment, next question” – even for questions that had nothing to do with the sideline incident. Hardy then ended the interview by saying, “Thank you guys for coming. I appreciate you guys very much.”

“You know what?” Tierney said. “You’re an ass, you’re a punk, you’re a filthy human being. I am so close to saying something that I really know I shouldn’t say. So I’m not going to say it. I’m going to show a little restraint.”

“It’s just disrespectful,” Barber said Hardy’s behavior toward his coaches, teammates and the media. “I don’t know how you’re a teammate with a guy like that and have any kind of conversation with him without just feeling dirty having (spoken) to him. And the worst thing is, the owner has no problem with it.”

After the game, Jones called Hardy “one of the real leaders on this team” and praised him for his motivational behavior and for walking the walk.

“What is he talking about?” Barber asked in disbelief.

“He might be senile,” Tierney said of Jones. “Honestly, he might be senile.”


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