MARK DANTONIO – 10/19/15
Michigan State head coach

“I’m more concerned about how we react to things and (whether) we reach our peak as a team at game time. If we do that and we do our job, usually things take care of itself. I knew we’d come to play. I don’t worry about the things I can’t control . . . and then we go. Our players have confidence in themselves and we find a way to win.”
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JERRY WEST – 10/19/15
NBA Hall of Famer

“Oklahoma City will have all their players back healthy, the Clippers are very good, San Antonio is very good – they’ve added a very good player in LaMarcus Aldridge. Houston is a really very talented team, and I think New Orleans is a team that is on the up-and-up with a great young player in Anthony Davis. So the West is loaded. I think in the East obviously (everyone is picking) Cleveland, but if they were in the West, it might be interesting (to see) if people would pick them.”
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KIRK FERENTZ – 10/20/15
Iowa head coach

“I thought we had the potential to have a good football team. You just never know how the leadership is going to develop, and we have broken one of the rules this year. We have had a lot of injuries to contend with, and fortunately we’ve had a lot of guys really step up and respond very favorably when opportunity came their way. So I think that’s really the reason we’re siting here right now with a good record, and hopefully we can continue.”
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KEVIN LOVE – 10/20/15
Cavs forward

“I think you will see me in the painted area a lot more. Offensive rebounding and defensive rebounds and mixing it up. That’s something that I’m looking forward to –carrying the load when we have guys like Shump and Kyrie out right now. So we need to get healthy and then we’ll start playing our brand of basketball, but for now, we’re going to have different guys stepping up like you saw last year in the playoffs.”
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MATT CAMPBELL – 10/21/15
Toledo head coach

“And being around guys like Larry Kehres at Mount Union and obviously the tremendous success they had. Even guys like Gregg Brandon who was the offensive coordinator for Coach Meyer down at Bowling Green. That experience there was tremendous – a great coaching staff with a lot of great people. So I think I’ve been really fortunate to be around a lot of really good people at a young age.”
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SONNY DYKES – 10/21/15
California head coach

“At the start of the year I think (they were) in the top 10. They have a lot of talent across the board on offense, defense, special teams. They have a really good young quarterback, Josh Rosen, who was one of the top quarterbacks in the country coming out of high school. The thing that’s impressive about him is just his maturity. He makes great decisions, he distributes the ball like a veteran, and what you have to do against him, like you do most quarterbacks, you’ve got to try to confuse him a little bit and make him uncomfortable. He’s one of those guys that, if he gets into a rhythm, he can really do some damage.”
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