TOM FORNELLI – 10/12/15
CBS Eye on College Football analyst

“I think it’s kind of proven that for all the faults that Brady Hoke and that coaching staff had in Ann Arbor the last few years, bringing talent to Ann Arbor wasn’t one of them. It’s just now Michigan finally has a coaching staff that knows how to get the most out of that talent and to put that talent in the right spots. This is a very good Michigan team.”
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LARRY DONNELL – 10/13/15
Giants tight end

“He’s going to come out of that thing well. I believe that. We’re going to keep praying and he’ll be fine.”
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GARY BARNIDGE – 10/13/15
Browns tight end

“It’s tough when you’re behind Pro Bowlers Greg Olsen and Jordan Cameron to get your opportunities. Now that the Browns gave me that confidence and that chance to be the guy, it’s been great. I’m just trying to do what I can to help the team win because that’s all that matters.”
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CBS college football analyst

“You look in the world of college football, and you try keeping up with the Joneses. I’ve said this many times on the air: If you’re not taking advantage of the rules (and trends) in college football . . . you’re crazy. It happens week in, week out. Nunes ran for over 100 yards just two weeks ago against Central Florida. I think that’s kind of where they’re going.”
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JAMIE DUKES – 10/15/15
NFL Network analyst

“That ain’t right for the rest of the league to have to go through what they go through and then the Colts are sitting there (in that weak division). And mind you, I’m an Andrew Luck guy. But if Andrew Luck was playing in the North or the East, he would not have the record and the success that he would have because that division is an unfair advantage.”
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TRENT GREEN – 10/15/15
CBS Sports NFL analyst

“The way the salary cap was set up before – when you had your high draft picks getting the big salaries – they were pressured into playing sooner than when they were ready because they were getting paid. The owners were like, ‘If I’m paying this guy the money, we got to get him on the field.’ Now with the way the collective bargaining agreement is set up with the rookie pay scale, the guys aren’t getting the same kind of contracts. So that pressure to play right away isn’t nearly as much as it was before.”
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MATT RHULE – 10/15/15
Temple head coach

“The one thing about our league, we’re going out and playing so-called Power 5 teams. East Carolina beat Virginia Tech. South Florida beat Syracuse. There’s a lot for really good teams in the league. In this league, if you’re not ready to play week in and week out, you’re going to get beat, so we’re just trying to make sure we’re ready each week.”
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MIKE PETTINE – 10/16/15
Browns head coach

“He doesn’t even need to get to the first ballot for his Hall of Fame ticket. When we prepare for an opponent, we always assume we’re going to get their best. So I know a lot is being made of (his decline), but that’s certainly not our take in the building.”
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