JOE NAMATH – 9/21/15
Jets legend

“The game is too damn demanding. I believe the Colts are tough enough individually and collectively; they just didn’t play well against Buffalo. Buffalo confused them. That Buffalo defensive front was pretty good. It’s hard. But I’m more concerned about the Jets. I hope the Colts play a lousy game. I hope the Jets beat them up pretty good. But I couldn’t comment realistically on the toughness of that Colts defense or team. I believe all those guys that are playing in the NFL have to have proven themselves just to get there. How they play day-in and day-out remains to be seen.”
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Titans defensive back

“I think for anybody that wins it, when you play in our league, that’s what everybody wants to do. So no matter what, you’re definitely going to be envious. Then you see the guy that you’ve been kind of playing with your entire life – you’ve dreamed about that moment, being able to capture it. A little bit of it is envy, but then a little bit of it is kind of the next best thing if you’re not able to win it: just being able to be down there on that field and go through the experience with him. If I’m not able to win it, at least I would hope he can do it each and every year. So that’s pretty cool.”
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Utah head coach

“That’s a great equalizer. The utilization of the quarterback in the spread offense, running the football has opened up opportunities for a lot of teams. And so there’s probably a few reasons for it, but you’re right. The traditional powers, there’s not as much separation between those guys and the rest of the field as there once was.”
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JASON COLE – 9/22/15
Bleacher Report NFL insider

“I don’t know if ‘detest’ is the right word, but it’s not comfortable in Washington right now. They don’t talk regularly. I know the Washington media is trying to sort of squelch this story, but the two sources I talked to were pretty strong about it. There’s not a lot of love in that quarterback room, and frankly, this is mostly a reflection on Robert Griffin because I don’t think he understands how to get along with most of the guys that he plays with. People keep telling me time and again he’s more of a track athlete than he is a quarterback. Track athletes are individual. As a quarterback, you have to have a pretty unique ability to bring a real divergent cast of characters together.”
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JASON MYERS – 9/23/15
Jaguars kicker

“Everyone’s pretty close, but even the veterans, they’re great guys. They support everybody. So it’s not like we have a bunch of young guys and a couple old guys separated. It’s a close family here.”
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One-handed high school football player

“If the opportunity comes about, I’d love to play in college. I’ve been getting letters (of interest) from smaller colleges around here. If anything can come of those, I’d love to play in college.”
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AQIB TALIB – 9/24/15
Broncos cornerback

“You got to have an idea of where he’s going to be, an idea of what’s coming your way. It’s probably going to take more than one guy to cover him more times than not. You just got to have a great game plan going in, and the guy guarding him better be watching tape to have an idea what he’s going to do.”
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DABO SWINNEY – 9/24/15
Clemson head coach

“They’re a legit top-10, top-5 type of team. They have not missed a beat. They’re very deep with talent. They’ve got really good experience, especially upfront on the offensive line. They are some men. The quarterback has played well, they got great skill. I really don’t see a weakness on this team. I really don’t – anywhere. And looking at them defensively, it looks like we’re getting ready to play Clemson. They play like we do. They play hard, they’re disciplined, they’re tough, these guys are physical upfront, they run well at linebacker and got guys that can cover in the secondary. So this is going to be one of those classics, I really believe. We got a lot of work to do getting ready for these boys.”
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BOB STOOPS – 9/25/15
Oklahoma football head coach

“You’re not in an environment to pick up on it. Now what happens is Thursday or Friday, someone will say, ‘Well what about what so-and-so said?’ And I’m like, ‘Don’t go there. I don’t need to know what he said.’ I try to protect my mind and what I’m doing. I really do a good job until someone brings it up to me.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“I don’t think you can get through a full season with Sam Bradford and I don’t know that Sam Bradford is a guy who’s capable of doing anything close to putting a team on his shoulders and grabbing guys by the back of the neck and saying, ‘Heres how it’s going to be, guys.’ That’s just not him. That was never him in St. Louis and he was there for five years or whatever, I think there is ample reason for concern in Philadelphia, and I’m with you: I could see Sanchez playing in the first half of this season.”
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NFL Hall of Famer

“I view that term – ‘elite quarterback’ – as a guy like Aaron Rodgers, like a Drew Brees, like Tom Brady who, if you take 16, 17 weeks of a season, they can go out and basically win 10 of those more or less without any real help. Everybody else needs the running game to help them out or they need receivers to go make big plays. Those elite-level guys can find a way to do it week-in and week-out out more or less without a lot of help. Everyone needs some help obviously, but I think Joe Flacco falls into that second category of guys. He’s one of those guys who, when he’s on, he can get it done. But I don’t think he can carry a team for 16 weeks without the rest of the offensive parts contributing the way they need to.”
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